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[] San Jose, California - TheMacBundles November bundle, released earlier this week, includes Sheep Systems' BookMacster, the new Bookmarks Master for the Mac. The bundle of twelve great Mac apps, with a retail value of $448, is available until November 28 for just $49.95.

Dubbed "The bookmarks master for the Mac", BookMacster continues where other apps and services have left off. BookMacster merges and manages bookmarks in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Camino, iCab, Opera and OmniWeb, and on the web with Delicious, Pinboard, and Google Bookmarks. When used with a file-syncing service in the cloud such as Dropbox(TM) or Jungle Disk(TM), BookMacster takes cross-browser bookmark syncing on the road to any Mac. BookMacster keeps bookmarks alphabetized (sorted), verified, and checked for duplicates. BookMacster supports tags, comments, and shortcuts. BookMacster users can add bookmarks directly from within browsers, and access all bookmarks while in any app from the menu bar.

The Bundle

"I like TheMacBundles because its founder Steve Becker really does run it, as he calls it, like a 'Farmers Market'. Costs are low and so users get a really great value" says Jerry Krinock, Sheep Systems' Chief Engineer. "Although it ends up being almost like a cooperative among developers, none of us knew until the weekend what else was going to be in the bundle. I was really happy when I saw the high quality of the apps that the TheMacBundles was able to get into this one, and am proud that we made it in." The other eleven apps are WebsitePainter, MenuEverywhere, ISkysoft iMedia Converter, HoudahSpot, Screen Mimic, PrintMagic, RingtoneStudio, StockMarkeyEye, IconBox, the Bronze edition of Simon, and a site license for Clean Text.

Bookmacster And Bookdog

BookMacster is the replacement for Sheep Systems' legacy app, Bookdog. "You can only add a limited number of stories on to an old house," explains Chief Engineer Jerry Krinock. "It was time to move on." Bookdog licensees receive a discount when purchasing a BookMacster license.

Pricing and Availability:
Thoughtful of people whose Mac time sometimes gets interrupted by real life, BookMacster allows three activations of its 3-day free trial period. The BookMacster license included in TheMacBundles November bundle for $49.95 (USD) is a full license, including the same features, support options, and future upgrade rights as a license purchased from BookMacster's built-in store for $22.95 USD. TheMacBundles also offers an innovative "Build Your Own Bundle" purchase which allows users to build their own customized bundle with as few as apps at a significant savings.

Located in San Jose, CA USA, Sheep Systems', Chief Engineer Jerry Krinock has an MSEE degree from Wayne State University in Detroit, and 20 years experience designing modems for microwave telecommunication. He has been awarded 6 patents, contributed to IEEE standard 802.16, and developed SafariSorter in 2004. Since May 2005 he has been doing business as Sheep Systems, developing and supporting Bookdog and now BookMacster for Mac. The following terms are trademarks of: their owners. Delicious: Yahoo! Inc. Dropbox: Dropbox of San Francisco, California. Firefox, Camino: Mozilla Foundation Corp. California. iCab: Alexander Clauss. Google and Google Chrome: Google Inc. Jungle Disk: Jungle Disk, LLC. Mac OS X, Safari: Apple Inc. OmniWeb: Omni Development Inc. Opera: Opera Software AS Corp. Norway. Pinboard: Nine Fives Software. Sheep Systems is not affiliated with any of these entities. TheMacBundles was founded by Steve Becker as a Farmer's Market for Mac OS X Software. They've now offered 12 of these great bundles to the Mac community. No Games, No Hype, No Middlemen. Just GREAT Software at a GREAT Price.


Steve Becker
Founder, TheMacBundles

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