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Apple Switcher Ellen Feiss' film to air online

Philadelphia, PENNSYLVANIA    Apr 16, 2008 in Announcements


TheDigitalLifestyle will be doing a one-time only broadcast of the film "Bed & Breakfast, featuring Ellen Feiss of Apple's "Switch" campaign. Viewers will be able to chat about the film as they watch it. The film will be broadcast Monday, April 21, at 9:30PM ET / 6:30PM PT.


[] Philadelphia, PA - Ellen Feiss, one of the stars of Apple's "Switch" ad campaign will appear in the film "Bed & Breakfast" on The film, shot in France in 2006, follows a young American couple on vacation in France looking for an old friend who has inherited a castle. The film marks the screen debut for Feiss, who became an internet celebrity following her appearance in one of the initial "Switch" campaign ads from Apple.

The film marks the first fictional programming for The Digital Lifestyle, which was founded in November 2007 by former Apple employees, and covers Apple-related news, rumors, and lifestyle information.

During the one-time only broadcast, viewers will be able to chat with each other in real time. The film will air at 9:30PM ET / 6:30 PM PT Monday, April 21, following TDL Live.

"We're really excited to be able to show this film," said Ryan Ritchey, creator of The Digital Lifestyle. "This is a perfect example of moving beyond simply reporting the latest Apple news, and covering more of the Apple 'lifestyle' and the characters who are part of it," Ritchey said.

Feiss rose to stardom after her "Switcher" ad aired in 2002. She turned down appearances on The Tonight Show and The Late Show with David Letterman in order to lead a normal teenager's life.

Powered by Mogulus, The Digital Lifestyle is a 24-hour network of Apple-related video, that includes "TDL Live," a weekly live look at Apple news and rumors. "Bed & Breakfast" will air immediately after TDL Live.


More Information was founded in November 2007 as the only 24-hour online video network dedicated to Apple news, rumors, and lifestyle. The network was created by former Apple employees who bring a unique perspective to current Apple news and rumors.


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