OfficeTime v1.3.1 offers 20 new features for tracking your time

April 17, 2008 in Project Tracking (E)

[] Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Life just got easier for people trying to keep track of their time across multiple tasks. OfficeTime's improved global quick start menu (one of 22 new features) allows people to easily switch between timed tasks from within any application.

OfficeTime 1.3.1 now shows which task is actively being tracked, in the menu bar, and how much time has elapsed - the information is always available, whether you're in an e-mail client, word processor, or other application. One click can switch timing to a new task and automatically pause the timer on your previous task.

"We have had many people write in to say they never imagined that a time tracking application could keep up with their hectic day," says Stephen Dodd, Director of Transcena Design, Inc. and creator of OfficeTime. "Now, for the first time, they're able to track every minute of their day without distracting themselves from the task at hand. Busy people don't have time to fill in a dialog box every time they switch tasks or clients."

Picture this: You are tracking your time while working on a proposal in Word. The phone rings and now you're on a call with a client. Without leaving Word, you select the client via OfficeTime's global drop-down menu, your Proposal timer pauses, and the new client timer starts. Even a task category is automatically assigned, based on your preferred defaults for this client.

Later, when you hang up the phone, you are reminded by the client name in the menu bar that the timer is running. One click and you're back to timing your proposal work, automatically halting the client timer.

But what if you forget to switch timers? OfficeTime has that covered too. When you hang up the phone and go back to your computer, OfficeTime reminds you that you've been away (and for how long); you can then move those minutes to one of your client projects or just discard them.

"People don't want to think about tracking their time," says Dodd. "They just want to do it. I used to hate tracking my time. Now, I don't even think about it."

OfficeTime evolved through daily use in a hectic design agency and was designed from the ground up to be usable amid the chaos and distractions most consultants and office workers face. OfficeTime was built by designers who didn't want to waste a single mouse click - it just works, intuitively and elegantly.

"Our customers are always suggesting refinements to OfficeTime and we love it!" says Dodd. "This latest version contains 22 improvements suggested by our fan base and we're releasing it as a free update to thank the OfficeTime community." For a full list of OfficeTime's Features, visit their site.

OfficeTime is available for both Mac and Windows machines and data can be moved seamlessly between both platforms. Download a Free Trial of a 21-day unlimited version.

Purchase OfficeTime for $39.95 with a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Mac User Groups may contact OfficeTime's Website for further discounts. Journalists, newsletter publishers, bloggers and others: Get a working version of OfficeTime and reprint any of our Tip of the Day items, with an agreement to review our product and include order information: Visit the site for OfficeTime Screenshots and Press Page.

Transcena Design Inc., a busy web and applications development firm, needed to track its employees' time. When they couldn't find a full featured tracking application with ease of use, this 17-year old agency (with a zest for clean design and usable interfaces), decided to build a time-tracker from scratch. OfficeTime is their answer for an intuitive solution. Visit OfficeTime's website.