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[] Food additives are substances that food companies normally use to improve and maintain a product to give it a vivid color, to make it easier to use, to make it more agreeable to the taste buds or just for better features. E200 E100 E510 ... how many times you've seen these acronyms in a list of ingredients in food products?
"Personal Food Additives" was created to help the consumer choice of food, but not only very important thing is that with "Personal Food Additives", you can create a personal profile, and who want our help in choosing food!
According to the different characteristics of people, eating habits, or any disease we might go to find out whether a product is harmful to our personal diet, as each additive has its own side effects that do not know, harmless for most of people but not identified or dangerous to other diets.

But what they really are food additives?!
"Personal Food Additives" presents more than 500 additives (without internet connection), the application allows us to research or consultation in alphabetical order and in numerical order (letter and numbers, what we usually see E104 ..) of each additive, we have all the information for everyone, from its role at the doses, the origin is not recommended for those who .. using the side-effects ..
The application also provides access to several websites that contain further details of the additives and their effects.

Personal Food Additives (PFA) provides information about the safeness of food additives putting users' personal characteristics in relation with side effects of each food additive.
Acceptability level for each additive depends on the characteristics of the consumer. Some additives can be considered as fully safe for most people but in some circumstances could be not advisable for other people.
With PFA it is possible to define one or more user profiles describing personal characteristics and any pathologies of the users.
Matching these information with food addives characteristics and side effects PFA is able to give accurate indications to the users.

This application allows searching the list of additives by E-number and by scientific and common names which identify them.
Searching can be executed also using only a part of the E-number or name.
The results of search operations are presented indicating danger levels of each additive and highlighting any contraindication specific to the selected user profile.

PFA uses its own local database cantaining information on more than 500 food additives. Hence it can work without an internet connection.
Futhermore the application allows access to European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) of the European Community and "The International Programme on Chemical Safety" (IPCS) of World Health Organisation (WHO) internet sites containig detailed information on food additives and related effects.

Functionalities and characteristics of Personal Food Additives:

Description of danger levels:
No danger
Risk unspecified
Toxic for children
Slightly toxic
Suspetced carcinogen
Potentially carcinogen
Suspected mutagen
Unadvised for children
Cause of side effects
Risk unknown

User characteristics:
Pregnant woman

List of pathologies:
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in children
Children with lactose intolerance
Kidney disease
Various allergies

Additived information displayed:
Common and scientific names
List of personal characteristics and pathologies critical for this additive
Function and characteristics
Products containing them
Acceptable daily intake
Side effects
Dietary restrictions
Internet connection to EFSA and IPCS sites for more details

Application functionalities:
Complete list by E-number and name
Search by E-number and name
Personal profile definition
Risk level described by color
Highlight of criticalities connected to the selected user profile
Local database with more than 500 additives
e-mail sending to technical support
Internet access to more detailed information
Full multilanguage support (English and Italian)

All the information provided have been collected from institutional and public domain sources, therefore we are not responsible in case of any imprecision or mistake. The information contained herein should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of an appropriately qualified and licensed physician or other health care provider.
The information provided is for educational and informational purposes only. In no way should it be considered as medical advice.

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch
* iOS 4.1 or later
* 2.3 MB

Released: Nov 17, 2010

Pricing and Availability:
Personal Food Additives 1.0 is available at the price of $2.99 (USD) through the App Store in the Healthcare & Fitness category. Review copies are available upon request.

Based in Milan, Italy, David Segatore is an independent software developer with excellent experience in several programming languages. With the help of friends, in the 2010 David started to develop mobile applications in a project called the "adf initiative". Copyright (C) 2010 David Segatore. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPad, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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