Da Vinci Code Anyone? Decode Fibonacci Sequences With SonicMood 4.8.5

April 21, 2008 in Music and Recording (E)

[prMac.com] Paradise, California - SonicMood 4.8.5 adds even more possibilities to create your own ambient music sequences with the addition of Fibonacci Sequences and Logarithmic volume fade. SonicMood delivers polyphonic sound "Moods" algorithmically to sooth the soul and take outer distractions away.

SonicMood 4.8.5 is "ambient music" at its best. Everyone seems to be searching for something other than what they are finding on Internet-based "ambient music" stations, and the constant interruptions for ads can be distracting, too. With SonicMood the user picks the Mood, they can even alter each Mood to their pleasing and then what happens is just simply the most soothing way there is melt away the distractions around those within the blissful sounds of SonicMood.

The new version offers even more enhanced tools for optimal control over edits and adjustments in the SonicMood Player. Whether they would like a Mood to be played in a Fibonacci Sequence or they want to tweak the volume diminuendo, the modulation depth, bend the pitch some more, change or add another MIDI instrument, that can be easily done. Or if that person likes easy, just pick any one of the 28 pre-defined Moods and let it play. Either way the Mood will continue to play "automagically".

Automagically is what we at Bit of Paradise Products call the way SonicMood forever randomly plays a Mood until it is stopped. And this is exactly something the users might never find via the streaming "ambient music" station on the net. SonicMood 4.8.5 is the latest example of how a Mac can be further used to interact with one's personal life in a way that touches the soul.

When it is time to relax or there is a need to block out those distractions, SonicMood is an alternative to iTunes because SonicMood is exactly what iTunes is missing! Another great addition to SonicMood 4.8.5 are two new Moods, "The Ocean" and "Japanese Wind Chimes". To see them in the Moods list you'll have to reset the Moods. Do this by selecting "Reset All" from the "Mood" menu.

Brief summaries of the new features and fixes for the 4.8.5 version:
* Pre-defined sequences, such as the Fibonacci Sequence
* Two new Moods named "Japanese Wind Chimes" and "The Ocean"
* Logarithmic volume fade
* New floating "pause/play" button
* Display the simulated piano keyboard independently
* Time increment for the Scene Timer from 10 seconds to 1 second
* Added the ability to record the piano keyboard onto a MIDI file, along with the SonicMood generated instruments.
* Various "bugs" squashed

SonicMood 4.8.5 features:
* Automagically plays polyphonic sounds with stimulating harmonies
* Optimized for Leopard with iTunes-like operation
* 28 pre-defined Moods
* Moods are completely customizable
* Create your own Moods and export them to share with others
* 128 MIDI keyboard available on demand
* Create soundtracks for film/movies/videos with no copyright issues
* The perfect alternative to iTunes for Ambient Music
* Quite possibly more features than the average user will use, while making this something that professionals will like too

SonicMood Benefits:
* Block out annoying background sounds and noise
* Quite possibly the best "sleep aid" you can find that you do not have to swallow!
* Soothes the users into a relaxed state of being
* The one music "station" that everyone can agree on at work
* Gives users a supple body and strong bones while repairing some minor dental problems

Pricing and Availability:
SonicMood is priced at $12.95 USD. SonicMood 4.8.5 is a free update for all registered users of previous versions. A fully-functioning demo version is available at the Downloads Page of the SonicMood website. The trial version lasts 14 days before purchase is required. Mac OS X 10.3.9 is the minimum OS requirement.

Stimulate yourself with harmonic moods to relax your inner self, or use SonicMood to create your own soundtrack or background music for a video. Anyone can certainly find out more at the website where they can see many screenshots, tutorials, testimonies and even hear a sample of what SonicMood sounds like.

Think of all the possibilities there are using SonicMood to create part of a soundtrack, or even the entire soundtrack! The really great thing about creating an audio part for a movie, film, video, what have you, is the fact that the producer of this audio is not prohibited by any copyright laws to use it as they feel fit!

Bit of Paradise Products has recently created a marketing department by adding on another member to the team. Robert Mitton is handling the marketing for Bit of Paradise Products and working under the business of Sonicideas LLC. Please contact Robert if you would like to obtain a promo/review copy of the latest version of SonicMood.

Located in Paradise, California/USA, among the pine-covered foothills of the Sierra Nevada, Bit Of Paradise Products was founded in 2003 by John Hall. He has a master's degree in physics and spent 29 years in industry developing and testing rotation sensors including optical gyroscopes. John and his wife Laura, want to provide the Mac community with a unique means to end sonic distractions at the work place, home or anywhere. SonicMood, the most sonically relaxing way to enjoy the Mac. SonicIdeas LLC is the marketing firm for Bit Of Paradise Products and marketer Robert Mitton can be reached at sonic ideas dot net. All Material and Software (C) 2003-2008 Bit Of Paradise Products / All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, the iPod logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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