Inc. Releases MacForensicsLab Write Controller 1.0

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[] Union City, CA - Inc. is proud to announce the release of MacForensicsLab Write Controller 1.0, a software write-blocking application. Write Controller prevents the Mac from automatically mounting volumes and maintains the integrity of suspect data, providing a layer of protection when working with important information.

By default, Mac OS X automatically mounts the volumes of any device when connected to the Mac. If a suspect drive is connected directly to the Mac with mounting turned on, the Mac OS will immediately update the drive with system related information which could compromise the integrity of the evidence. Write Controller allows an investigator to control this behavior and prevent automatic mounting which prevents accidental writing to the drive. The easy-to-use software also has the flexibility to allow the user to mount and unmount volumes.

Write Controller offers Mac forensic examiners increased security, flexibility, and speed in imaging, previewing and analyzing evidence on their Mac workstation. Not having to carry around a hardware write blocker can lighten the load an investigator has to carry and increase the speed of the investigation since there is no additional hardware to connect.

Pricing, Availability, and System Requirements:
* MacForensicLab Write Controller is now available at the manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) of $149 ($135 for licensed law enforcement).
* MacForensicsLab Write Controller requires Mac OS X 10.4 or above.

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