Subrosasoft Inc. Announces Macforensicslab Social Agent

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[] Union City, CA - SubRosaSoft Inc. announces the immediate availability of MacForensicsLab Social Agent(TM) 1.0. Social Agent(TM) is designed to get evidence from chats, private messages, and blog activity on Facebook (and other) social networking websites.

Social Agent can quickly scan Macs running the Apple Safari(R) web browser for evidence of social network activity and can identify social networking web pages visited by the suspect. The initial support includes popular social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Friendster, Meetup, and others. "This information can be very valuable in cases of crimes against children." said Marko Kostyrko, CEO of SubRosaSoft Inc.

Social networking sites are huge. Facebook has more than 500 million active users. Twitter has more than 200 million users posting more than 70 million tweets a day. There's a huge amount of information about users personal life's being posted every day and this information can be very valuable to forensic investigators. It may contain incriminating information or it may help guide an ongoing investigation. Social Agent quickly and easily shows much of this information about a users social network activity.

More than 75% of teens have social network accounts meaning they outnumber adults on the same sites more than 2 to 1. Teens are also more open to posting personal information online without fear of the dangers to themselves in making this information available.

Pricing for MacForensicsLab Social Agent is $79.95 (USD).

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