Spot Documents launches iPhone/iPad/Mac/Web Cloud Based Storage System

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[] Toronto, (ON) Canada - Spot Documents fills document management 'hole' for Apple ecosystem (iPhone/iPad/Mac and Web). Spot Documents is an alternative to iDisk, DropBox and other cloud based file storage systems, offering a desktop like searching and browsing experience. Leveraging the security and redundancy of Amazon's S3, now any company can afford to take their documents online. Pricing is $3 and up per month, based solely on usage (no tiers).

The 'hole' for Apple when it concerns documents is that there is no fast, simple way to browse and search a companies documents from iPhones, iPads and Web. The current solutions from DropBox and iDisk, and others offer no content searching - but perhaps more importantly, they offer no real icons or previews. Spot Documents offers icons and 'Quick Look' like previews as have become familiar and expected on the Desktop, extending these to the iPhone, iPad and Web clients.

The iPad, iPhone, OS X and Web clients are all free to use, and include access to a demonstration account, which is a real, read only Spot Documents repository. Test driving the clients requires no sign up - running the app is all that is needed. Read/write repositories add many features, including the ability to edit documents using the appropriate editors. For instance with the Web client, certain document types such as Word and PowerPoint can be edited on line using Windows users can use the web client to access and upload documents at any time. Files can be emailed using time limited links.

Spot Documents scales to larger projects. Any type of file up to 5GB in size can be stored. A single account can host multiple repositories, each of which can hold up to 100,000+ files. Any number of users can be assigned read only or read/write access to each repository, allowing for example R&D files to be hidden from accounting personel, for example. Spot Documents uses a web based interface for managing repositories and users.

According to the founder, Tom Andersen:
"Amazon S3 has a secure, redundant, but ultimately boring system for storing files, and that's exactly what customers want for a storage system." He goes on: "Spot Documents takes that boring file storage system and adds content indexing, icons and previews so that desktop like search and visualization is possible from anywhere, using iOS, Web or OS X clients."

Security, Privacy, Redundancy:
All clients work exclusively in https, transferring data through industry standard secure connections. Spot Documents employees have no way of accessing any files stored on the system, as the files are stored in a companies own S3 account. Spot Documents keeps track of all versions of documents added to a repository. Versioning protects files from accidental overwriting as previous versions are retained. With versioning and Amazon's 99.999999999% file durability, files are far more safely stored than almost any 'in house' solution.

Industry Standard Repositories:
Spot Documents uses Amazon S3 repositories (aka: buckets), in an industry standard manner, so that other tools can be used to access them, if needed, for uploading, downloading or workflow, etc. For example a 3rd party or in house system that automatically uploads documents, such as invoices or scans would not have to know anything about Spot Documents, and can deal directly with Amazon S3. This level of extensibility leverages the many already existing tools for working with Amazon S3.

Keaten House, Ltd. is a privately held company doing business near Toronto, Canada. Keaten House Ltd. is dedicated to securely and inexpensively helping you manage your files. We provide tools to take your documents out of your office and securely and inexpensively store them online. Spot Documents. Use the Cloud to organize and find Documents stored on Amazon S3 in your account. Spot Documents is a trademark of Keaten House, Ltd. Copyright (C) 2010 Spot Documents and Keaten House Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Amazon S3 is a trademark of Amazon Web Services, LLC. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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