Allusions releases SunFlower 0.9.1

May 7, 2008 in Software (F)

[] Halifax, Nova Scotia - Allusions is proud to announce the immediate availability of SunFlower 0.9.1, a visual webpage monitoring tool. SunFlower 0.9.1 (Member Edition) contains minor UI enhancements from the 0.9 version and two very important bug fixes.

Fixed - When deleting a Folder containing subscriptions, the subscriptions became orphaned (hidden instead of deleted) and were no longer accessible. This can eventually cause SunFlower to report that there are updated subscriptions that cannot be accessed in the subscriptions tree.

Fixed - A background thread introduced in 0.9 no longer consumes unnecessary CPU

SunFlower is a visual webpage monitoring tool designed for websites that change occasionally but provide no monitoring mechanism like RSS. With SunFlower, a user is not only notified when a website has changed but the user can actually see the difference.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.5 Leopard

Pricing and Availability:
Access to the member edition requires a one-time membership fee of 20 Canadian dollars. Press copies for the member edition are available upon request. A public edition is freely available for download and use; however the publicly available version is not the most current version.

Allusions is an independent Mac OS X developer located in Nova Scotia, Canada and dedicated to producing quality Macintosh software.