Endpoint Protector's Guide to 2011 Top Data and Network Security Threats

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[prMac.com] Bucharest, Romania - Endpoint Protector has released its Guide to Identifying and Preventing the Top Data and Network Security Threats of 2011, an eBook aiming to help IT professionals, business owners, employees and private users create a secure digital environment in both business and personal life. To provide such a secure working environment, the first step is to properly identify the biggest, most common and most damaging threats and then learn what can be done to prevent them.

Based on the frequent security breach news, the many reports and surveys published throughout 2010 and their own expertise and ability to identify security trends, the Endpoint Protector team has determined the biggest data and network security threats companies will have to face in the year to come and outline the best way to approach them.

The biggest threat to face in the next year is the insider threat, which through its various flavors - employees with malicious intent, untrained and careless staffers or social engineering - will still cause most of the data breaches of 2011. Other security risks to watch out for are portable devices, malware infections spread through USB ports and other connection interfaces, cyber attacks, hackers and more such threatening security breaching activities.

"The best way to effectively manage and prevent the top data and network security threats of 2011 is to combine a complex yet easy to manage endpoint security, device control and data loss prevention solution with training session to educate employees and with a constant effort to keep IT and security professionals up to date with the latest risks and best prevention methods", explained Roman Foeckl, CoSoSys CEO. "The Endpoint Protector range of device control, data and endpoint security solution for Windows and Mac OS is extremely flexible and able to accommodate the needs of any type of company as well as those of home users."

Endpoint Protector backs its range of security solutions with a constant effort to educate the business world and home users in the field of endpoint security and data protection. The newly released eBook comes to complement past educational efforts that have mixed training and awareness with humor to create a very popular set of comics inspired by device control and data loss prevention issues.

CoSoSys is specialized in network endpoint security for Windows and Mac and development of software for portable storage device enhancement. The application portfolio includes functions from password security, data synchronization and network security. CoSoSys distributes its products globally through the world's leading hardware manufacturers, software Distributors, Resellers and directly to users. CoSoSys enjoys a continuously growing installation base of users worldwide. The company has offices in Germany, the United States and Romania.


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