Create Light Shows For The Holidays With Musical Lights HD for iPad

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[] Calgary, Canada - Gamez 4 Touch today is pleased to announce the release of Musical Lights HD and Musical Lights HD Lite for the iPad. Musical Lights HD allows users to decorate photos from the in app library, or the users own photos. Using cutting edge techniques for music analysis, this app is unique in the way that the display responds to music in real time. Musical Lights is also available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

A palette allows users to select from multiple choices of color, lamp style and size, then applying them by tapping the photo. For more detailed light placement, zoom in on photos by pinching the screen.

The user must also choose from the beat, bass, mid or treble selection when decorating with the lights for the design to respond to the music. If a variety is not selected, a hint suggests you change some of the bulbs. Example displays are included to help with design ideas. There are six pieces of music to choose from, mostly variations on popular holiday tunes. In the full version, the user can add their own favorite music.

An intuitive user interface combined with hints ensures these features are utilized. Designs can be as simple or as elaborate as the user wants, and the email feature makes sending masterpieces to friends easy. With Musical Lights HD, the iPad can become a photo frame centerpiece for the home this holiday with the random play mode feature.

Features (Full / Lite):
* Choose from a selection of photos
* Add lights in multiple bulb styles, sizes and colors
* Select from provided music or microphone
* Responds to beat, bass, mid and treble in the music
* Email to friends
* Example displays provided
* Featuring music by Geoff Smith
* Photo frame random play mode

Features (Full):
* Additional library photos
* Select from personal photo library
* Camera support
* Play custom music

Device Requirements:
* iPad
* iOS 3.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
Musical Lights HD Lite - Free, Musical Lights HD - $1.99 USD (or equivalent). Available worldwide exclusively through the App Store.

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