Simiotica releases its aMaze! iPhone game

May 9, 2008 in Games (E)

[] Odessa, Ukraine - Simiotica, the international game developer, announces immediate availability of the iPhone and iPod Touch game aMaze! via Installer.App. aMaze! is very realistic transition of the classic wooden balance game Labyrinth, where players guide steel ball through a maze avoiding holes, to the iPhone.

aMaze! is unique for playing exactly like its real world prototype by tilting device to control the labyrinth attitude thus moving the ball. This is the most intuitive game control because anyone who has ever played original Labyrinth game knows how to play the game.

Moving a ball to the exit is just one of the possible gameplays. Within this plain scenario, there are levels requiring bonus collection to complete them successfully, which results in longer and more attractive gameplay. More than 70 nicely designed game boards will enable broad audience of players to test their balance sense. Some levels are easy, many have normal difficulty and several are extremely hard to pass.

"Large multi-touch screen, OpenGL ES and OpenAL support, built-in accelerometers make iPhone most powerful mobile gaming device on the market. We have developed aMaze to meet expectation of the iPhone owners for games with innovative gameplay not yet possible with other devices. While awaiting the launch of the official AppStore, we make it available through the Istaller.App to let iPhone entusiasts enjoy it as early as possible", explains Alex Dubov, Simiotica CMO.

aMaze! is available for installation through Installer.App v3.0 with community sources installed. The 10 levels demo version is free, while other 70 levels could be unlocked for $9 USD fee. More information about the aMaze! could be found at their website.

Founded in 2007, Simiotica is the game developer company, where several people join their forces to provide owners of the most innovative devices of the present with the best games they certainly deserve.


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