Fall in love with My Virtual Girlfriend for the iPhone

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[prMac.com] Las Vegas, Nevada - WET Productions, an innovative developer of role playing games for mobile platforms, has today announced the successful launch of the newly updated version of My Virtual Girlfriend for the iPhone and iPod touch. Already one of the most popular dating themed games on Apple's App Store, this provocative app offers users the chance to build up a relationship with a gorgeously sultry virtual woman whose outer features and psyche are custom shaped by the player. Offering a much needed dose of sexy mobile entertainment, My Virtual Girlfriend version 1.15 is currently available for download on the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

Though created to offer users a casual source of recreation, this dating simulation is structured to maximize the sophistication between the user and his virtual lover. The personalities of the beautiful girls within My Virtual Girlfriend are comprised of over a dozen unique personality traits that user are able to either place emphasis on or ignore before beginning a game. Furthermore players can customize certain physical features on their virtual mate, including skin and hair color. Once inputted, these individual traits - both physical and psychological - create a colorfully exaggerated yet complex virtual woman who is at once a cheeky mix of female stereotypes and a user's personal tastes.

The actual gameplay in My Virtual Girlfriend is open ended to such an extent that no two game experiences will ever run the risk of being too similar to one another. Since the only formal goal in this sim is to build a virtual relationship, users are free to interact with their girlfriends who ever the see fit in order to ensure that their virtual love affair gains traction and takes off. Users are given a set of possible interaction categories including actions and talking among others. As their relationships blossom, the users' virtual girlfriend will become more open and more sexy with them.

Players are able to level up through continued positive interactions and are justly rewarded with an expanding list of possible interactions to choose from. This is not to say that anything goes in this game, as it is tastefully presented and irresponsible users will quickly find themselves being dumped by their outraged former digital lovers. Indeed though outrageously fun, the players interactions need to be chosen wisely as even though these sensual foxes are purely virtual money problems, jealousy, and insecurity still represent dangerous pitfalls for players' virtual romances. At once sexy, cynical, funny, and sensual, My Virtual Girlfriend guarantees that no matter if your simulated relationship succeeds or fails you'll have an immense amount of fun along the way.

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