Dalamser Releases TimePreserver, A Backup Solution For The Time Capsule

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[prMac.com] Ely, UK - Dalamser announces TimePreserver, a backup solution for home, student flat, and SOHO Time Capsule users. Available immediately from Dalamser's web site. TimePreserver functions in demonstration mode until registered, this mode creates fully functional backups but does not do so incrementally - all data is copied - while indicating how much less data would be copied and time taken if registered. Registration costs US$35.


TimePreserver is a new tool in the battle to keep data safe; an ever more important job for home, student and SOHO users as more precious data - from photos to term reports - is stored on computer. It is designed to complement Time Machine/Time Capsule backup with "offsite" backup protecting the Time Machine/Capsule user from Time Capsule failure, damage or loss.

TimePreserver's Place In The Backup Toolset:

TimePreserver is designed for the home, student flat, and SOHO user. It complements other tools; high end backup software, disk cloning software, and online backup solutions; providing advantages of each for its target users.

TimePreserver fills a gap between the easy to use Time Machine/Time Capsule backup provided by Mac OS X, and the high end backup systems used to protect large scale business data. TimePreserver brings the offsite protection capability of such systems to the small user in a simple way.

TimePreserver integrates with Time Machine, unlike disk cloning backup solutions which require adapting to a new paradigm. With a few simple steps TimePreserver archives can be restored from directly using Time Machine, or the Mac OS X Installer; just like a Time Capsule backup backup. Every snapshot of an item currently saved by Time Machine on a Time Capsule is preserved by TimePreserver, and can be restored directly should the Time Capsule be broken, lost or damaged.

In multiple Mac setups protected by a shared Time Capsule; typical of many home, student flat, and SOHO environments; a typical TimePreserver backup plan requires 2 disks. This is fewer than a clone-based plan which requires 2 disks per Mac for the same level of protection.

TimePreserver enables a user to keeps control of their data, unlike internet-based backup solutions. No internet connection is required (TimePreserver does not even "call home"), no bandwidth is used up. A user's data is stored on their own disks, which may be stored anywhere they choose; preferably at another location to protect against natural, and human generated, disasters.

TimePreserver - The Next Step in Backup For The Small User:

Time Machine in conjunction with Time Capsule provide an excellent first backup solution for home, student flat and SOHO users. With minimal setup one or more Macs can be protected by Time Machine and a single Time Capsule.

TimePreserver enhances such a setup with a second level; multiple, offsite, backups of the Time Capsule itself.

Press Reviews:

We welcome reviews of TimePreserver. We provide time-limited evaluation licenses on request to members of the Press.

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