Kickstand envy? Get a Smartphone Coaster from NewPCgadgets

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[] San Diego, California - With millions of Smartphones sold this holiday season why not be polite offer family and guests the new Smartphone Coaster from newPCgadgets. It's simply, the proper thing to do!

Ask any Evo 4G user what they love about their phone, and eventually the word kickstand will come up. Having an easy way to hold the phone so it can be viewed is simply great, and is one of those things you wonder how you ever got along without. Fear not, non-kickstand enabled smartphones, the latest product from newPCgadgets called "Smartphone Coasters" has you covered.

The design is simple and elegant, looks to be very functional, and the price is right. They're stainless steel so they should take quite the beating, but with no material on the sides, shouldn't affect signal much at all. In fact the stainless steel non-magnetic material could very well enhance your signal.

They got me interested, and at $3.99 each so I grabbed a few of them. Your iPhone, iPhone 4 or iPod touch will look very stylish while sitting upright on these polished stainless steel Coasters. No more kickstand envy in your household or office!. Looking for other great iPhone and iPad accessories then look no further than newPCgadgets, they've got you covered.

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