app4mac releases CutX Content Filter 4.5 Beta 1 for Mac OS X

May 15, 2008 in Software (E)

[] San Jose, CA - app4mac releases CutX Content Filter 4.5 BETA 1 for Mac OS X. CutX allows users to block unwanted websites from display in the Safari web browser. The extension adds a menu to the web browser with various new options. If a website is blocked, the user is informed by a message and the page is not loaded.

Protect children or employees from pornographic sites: CutX gives people all the tools they need to block access to undesirable web sites. Even when parents aren't around, they can rest assured that adult sites and those with sexually explicit content are blocked.

Ensure productive activity in the workplace: CutX helps employers make sure employees are on task, not distracted by casual web surfing or excessive personal business. With CutX, they will keep their employees focused on the job, not on internet distractions. Securing an IT infrastructure against web threats is becoming more and more challenging. CutX also provides IT administrators with a way to protect employees from the threats associated with unregulated Internet access.

Not just pornography: With CutX, people can also block sites with information about other objectionable material such as illegal activities, drugs, bombs, etc.

CutX is a secure solution. The software includes a password protection mode so that other computer users can modify the list of rules. If desired, CutX has the option to be automatically enabled for all computer users.

app4mac is a company created in 2001 with the goal of providing innovative applications for Mac OS X. We take great pleasure building Mac products. We are committed to creating quality software that will make the Mac even more user-friendly.


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