Conceited Software releases Linkinus 2.2 for Mac OS X 10.6

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[] Paris, France - Conceited Software today is pleased to announce Linkinus 2.2, an update to their advanced chat app for Mac OS X. Linkinus 2 provides a rich, social IRC experience; featuring embedded media, short URL expansion, message starring, combined chats, emoticons, and much more!

Linkinus brings unique features to the users' IRC experience with unique features such as assigning colors to chat participants, grouping consecutive messages into a unique block, customizing emoticons, smart scrolling, putting the spotlight on specific channel users, jumping to highlights and being alerted of relevant content automatically...

Feature Highlights:
* Groups - Efficient multi-channel chats
* Filters - Teach Linkinus what you do and don't want to see in IRC chats
* Highlights & Stars - Setup alerts for relevant content and special messages
* Log Viewer - Find and view past conversations
* Embedded Media - View rich content within channels on a per-user or per-network basis.

New in version 2.2:
* Greatly improved overall performance and CPU usage: Greatly is an understatement at its best. Speed and responsiveness have increased by several orders of magnitude
* Multi-line input field: Requested long ago, finally implemented. Note this only works if you have enough vertical space beneath the application window
* Channel listing up to 20 times more responsive
* Better support for /who and /names
* Revamped IRC identities - set them up the Preferences: One place to set them all, one place to find them, one place to bring them all and in the preferences bind them
* Updated Styles: This includes new embed features for e.g. Whisper ( and cloudapp). Also the classic Simplified is going through rejuvenation
* Improved support for systemwide SOCKS proxy
* Added UPnP support for file transfers
* Added full PCRE regular expression support in Highlight
* Improved Filters persistence
* Improved IRC Quit messages
* Added shortcut to clear all queries
* Improved contextual menus relevance
* Added an option to hide the 'Groups' button in the title bar
* Improved SSL support
* Faster processing of bouncers backscroll
* Allowed the main window to resize to a smaller size
* Greatly improved DCC support
* Now up to 1000 lines of backlog per channel
* Updated SysInfo plugin
* More options for queries and channels, including Growl/sound muting
* /mark: a command you can use to add a marker to the current channel
* /delay (a new plugin) that enables you to delay execution of commands e.g. when chaining them in the alias section
* Smoothed out the sending of /who and /mode commands upon joining channels to avoid excess flood in connections with numerous channels

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard
* 20 MB of Hard Drive Space

Pricing and Availability:
Linkinus 2.2 requires 10.6 or greater, costs 19.99 Euro and a 15 day free trial is available. Student, multi-user, and 1.x upgrade discounts are also available.

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