Spot Documents - OS X Client available free at the Mac App Store

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[] Toronto, Canada - Spot Documents today is pleased to announce the availability of their OS X client on the new Mac App Store. Spot Documents is a new cloud based document management system that features iOS, Web and OS X clients. With it companies can easily manage hundreds of thousands of files, all hosted, searchable, and viewable in the Cloud.

Documents stored in Spot Documents repositories retain their familiar OS X appearance, even when viewed on iOS or web clients. The OS X client is a full featured dedicated Mac application that makes interacting with Cloud based storage a breeze.

"Keaten House welcomes this step by Apple to allow users to easily discover, download and install trusted software," said Tom Andersen, CEO of Keaten House. "There is now a great way for users to both discover our software and also keep it up to date."

Spot Documents features a free trial where up to 4 GB of files can be stored free for a year. The iPad, iPhone, OS X and Web clients are all free to use, and include access to a demonstration account, which is a real, read only Spot Documents repository.

Test driving the clients requires no sign up - running the app is all that is needed. Read/write repositories add many features, including the ability to edit documents using the appropriate editors. On the Mac, editing a Pages file from the Cloud involves a familiar double click. Editing takes place on the Mac using familiar tools and workflows. When editing is complete, a single click sends the newly edited document into the Cloud for safe, secure access.

Keaten House, Ltd. is a privately held company doing business near Toronto, Canada. Keaten House Ltd. is dedicated to securely and inexpensively helping you manage your files. We provide tools to take your documents out of your office and securely and inexpensively store them online. Spot Documents. Use the Cloud to organize and find Documents stored on Amazon S3 in your account. Spot Documents is a trademark of Keaten House, Ltd. Copyright (C) 2010-2011 Spot Documents and Keaten House Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Amazon S3 is a trademark of Amazon Web Services, LLC. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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