Press Release Montebello Software announces Ascent v1.9 May 18, 2008 in Software Ascent is an "activity visualization" application designed to organize and analyze exercise data downloaded from exercise computers or imported via various file formats. Version 1.9 adds the following new features: Polar HRM import, drag-and-drop import of tcx, gpx, and hrm files, ability to combine or split activities (tracks), and improved support for the new Garmin 605/705 cycling computers. [] Cupertino, California - Montebello Software has released version 1.9 of Ascent - an application designed for the Macintosh to help users train better by organizing exercise data and presenting it in useful ways. Using Ascent, you can download activity data directly from your exercise computer into the program, and immediately begin analyzing your activities as they are presented in various graphical and textual formats. Ascent uses GPS data, if available, to plot exercise paths over satellite, topographic, or street-based maps. New Features in Version 1.9: Ascent will now import Polar "HRM" files, so that your existing Polar data can not be viewed and analyzed using Ascent. New track manipulation features: "Combine Activities" allows you to glue track segments together, and "Split Activity" feature allows you to split an activity into separate tracks based on an inactivity time threshold, or at any arbitrary time. Ascent now supports drag and drop import of multiple gpx, tcx, or polar hrm file, and import dialogs allow selection of multiple files for simultaneous import. The new Garmin 705/605 cycling computers now will sync perfectly with Ascent, no extra conversions or imports required. Other Major Features: * Animation engine allows activities to be played back up to 100x real time; all windows update so show the current activity location * Activities can be directly sent from Ascent to the Google Earth program for replaying the activity in 3D "fly-by" mode * Customizable browser that allows columns to be re-arranged, re-sized, added, deleted, and sorted * Calendar view * "Splits" graphical and textual views that can be customized to show virtually any data item, at user-defined intervals * Hierarchical display of activity data (years/months/weeks/days), or flat activity display * Heads-up Displays (HUDs) support display of statistics for any segement of an activity * Comprehensive zone support for heart rate, speed, pace, gradient, and cadence * Integrated search engine that produces search results after each keystroke * Activity, Map, Summary, and Data Detail windows are availble to show additional activity detail * Users can enter textual markers at any point in the timeline * Peak data is indicated with special markers in the Activity Detail view * Directly syncs with the Garmin 205/305/605/705 (Edge/Forerunner), the Garmin 60CSx, Garmin Colorado, and the Garmin Venture Cx * Imports Garmin tcx/hst files, as well as files in gpx or kml format * Exports tcx, gpx, csv (comma seperated), and tsv (tab-seperated) formats * Activities can be selected and emailed directly from within the program * Simple drag-and-drop installer * Auto update support Montebello Software creates applications and utilities optimized for the Macintosh platform. It was created in January 2007 with the release of its first product: Ascent. ### Rob Boyer Ascent Developer