Serisag v4 released - Manage your Serials, Licenses, Installers, Bundles

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[] Vigo, Spain - SAGOIS SLU has released Serisag for Macintosh and Windows. Serisag serial and file manager is a new software to manage your serials, licenses, installers and their invoices, keeping them organized. You can manage software bundles too.

New in revision 490:
* Added Bundle Tab
* Private Area improvements
* Speed improvement

Here are some of the advantages of Serisag:
* Access to the software licenses protected by password. (You can change the password in the Config Tab).
* Now you can assign software to computers, so you can see what software is being used on each computer
* Store important information of your Mac, Windows and Iphone Software
* Keep your serials organized: You can search by name, bundle, category, month of purchase, and software to be remembered
* Keep The installers, invoices organized. (Sometimes the installer doesn't have the name of the Software. So if you perform a find in your computer, you cant locate it. With Serisag you can find it instantaneously)
* Keep your documents organized. (Organize them by categories, perform fast finds, store comments, export a group of documents to a folder, etc.)
* Keep your private pages safe. (Access to private area protected by password, store logins, open web pages, organize web pages by categories, etc.)
* Serials, sofware information and document information are stored into Serisag. But installers, ivoices, files, etc, cant be into the software, so Serisag creates automatically a Folder for each one, and copy the installers, etc into it. Everything is organized, and Serisag allows you to perform a serials and information backup and a Installers, invoices, files, etc, backup, everything with a button clik
* Serisag allows you to store the necessary information about your software. Since revision 269 Serisag is organized into 3 sections: Software, Docs and Private area

Software Section:
* Software Tab: Name, Version, Developer, Web page, a link to download the software and Some images of the software. Serisag allows you to store the installer and keep it organized. You can even launch the installer from Serisag

* License Tab: Register information, Purchase information. You can also assign a bundle to this software. It's a great feature if you buy a bundle and you want your software organized. Allows to store the license file (if exist) and the invoice file, keeping them organized.

* Personal information Tab: In this tab, you can add your personal information about the software.

* Config Tab: You can Back up your serials, installers, invoices, etc, Change the access password in this tab. You can register Serisag Here.

* Update Tab: You can Update Serisag from this tab.

Docs Section:
* Doc Tab: you can store important information about your docs (ppt, doc, pdf, etc.)
* Export a group of Docs Tab: This tab allows to export a selected group of docs to a folder

Bundle Section (New):
* Manage your bundles easily

Private Area Section (New):
* A private area is now active, (you can store your private web pages data: link, logins, etc.)

Pricing and Availability:
Serisag is being offered for Euro 9.90 (regular about Euro 19.90) for the rest of the month. Offer Expires January 31st 2011.
License is valid for both mac and Windows.

SAGOIS SLU is a company specialized in the production of software for health and sport. We have recently begun production and maintenance management software. Copyright (C) 2011 SAGOIS SLU. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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