Playing Sudoku more comfortable with Sudokumat

March 22, 2007 in Gaming (F)

Sudokumat, a Java-based freeware written by David Gunkel and Matthias Wegerhoff, provides an easy to use interface for Sudoku players. Beside the possibility to play Sudoku on a computer it is possible to generate PDF-files with an adjustable number of puzzles and a chooseable difficulty for printing.

Sudokumat has its strength in usability. While many Sudoku programs force their users to use mouse AND keyboard, Sudokumat offers a direct-input mechanism: instead of click and type - just move and type - or move and choose (from a popup menu).

In order to make playing more easy the player can perform undo/redo for the complete change history of an unsolved puzzle. And take advantage of the machines capabilities - especially the visual support features are worth mentioning:

Sudoku rules are based on areas. Sudokumat can highlight these areas using a tracker.

Many decisions are indirect, e.g. when a digit is "hidden". Sudokumat can highlight all rule-conform positions of a digit to explore these patterns.

More difficult situations require candidate lists. Sudokumat can fill in a (rule-conform) complete set of candidate-lists into the puzzle that forms a good starting point for logic tuning. The candidate entries are automatically updated whenever a value is entered.

Sometimes its very difficult to find that single field where (logic-based) solving must proceed. In this case Sudokumat can help by showing the position of a field, that could be solved next. If this still is too hard - let Sudokumat solve that step. Or the complete puzzle.

A puzzle from e.g. a magazine, that is hard to solve, can be ripped into Sudokumat. And a machine is willing and capable...

All these features are available for free.

David Gunkel, Developer


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