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[] Durham, North Carolina - MacTVision Technologies today is pleased to announce MacTVision HD for Mac OS X, an update to their revolutionary application that allows users to watch over 2,600 free, network TV, news, sports, and specialty channels on their Mac, instantly, on demand. The app features searchable, updating, interactive TV listings, which include over 13,000 programs with thumbnails and descriptions. As more and more television viewers discontinue their cable or satellite service and move to Internet-based TV, MacTVision offers a complete, integrated solution that requires no additional hardware or monthly fees. For a limited time only, Mac owners may purchase the app at 10% off the normal price using the discount code "TV10000" at checkout in celebration of 10,000 customers.

MacTVision Technologies has been especially busy lately, following a glowing review that appeared Dec. 28, 2010 on the MacWorld website, and becoming the number one video player on the download giant CNET. In addition to continuing support for their rarely seen policy of providing users unlimited free upgrades, the company has launched several new updates and initiatives. The version 3.3 upgrade, available now, features a variety of improvements that make the TV browsing and watching experience smoother, faster, and more reliable. Already, the company has announced additional performance upgrades for version 3.4 due in March, plus an iPad version coming late Spring.

Finally, Marketing Director Brian Lane, and his team unveiled MacTVision's Edutainment Grant, their effort to help improve the world while growing their company. The Project Edutainment Grant is an application based grant for high school juniors and seniors from low-income qualified families, and those with learning disabilities. MacTVision currently donates 15% of every purchase to the grant fund, which will be formally launched later this year.

The MacTVision application, a highly integrated video bookmarking service, has the look and feel of other popular Mac apps that feature an intuitive, colorful, graphical user interface. Displayed in full screen mode, MacTVision's scrollable database of Listings appear in a window that occupies the top one third of the Main window. The Listings window contains nine columns, and listings may be ordered according to any of the nine columns: Name (of TV show), Type (TV, Streams, Videos, Radio, or Media Apps), Category (Movies, Action, Comedy, etc.) Language (English, Spanish, German, etc.), Favorites, Rating, My Rating, Details (short summary), and Featured. Selecting a popular show from the Name column, e.g. Desperate Housewives, brings up three new windows that occupy the bottom two thirds of the screen: Summary, Sources, and Episodes.

The summary window provides an overview of the program's premise. "What dark secrets lie behind the well-manicured front lawns of Wisteria Lane? Murder? Suicide? Sex? Adultery? Try all the above, and that's just the first episode. Desperate Housewives has enraptured millions with its steamy tales of supposedly mild-mannered suburbanites. Whether it's Lynette struggling to raise her three rambunctious boys, or Gabrielle trying to prove she's more than just a token trophy wife, the women of Desperate Housewives never fail to keep the thrills coming and the audience's temperature rising."

The Sources window lists the various outlets through which the program can be obtained: Hulu, CHANNEL4, CTV1, or CTV2. The first on the list is selected by default based on the best stream available. Finally, the Episodes window indicates that 20 episodes are loaded and may be scrolled through. Each episode listing consists of a still from that episode, the episode's title, a complete description, and a large blue button to begin playback. Pressing the Play button launches the MacTVision View screen, and the program begins.

Feature Highlights:
* Over 13,000 Video Stream Programs from TV and Video Networks
* Over 2,600 Popular TV, News, Sports, and Specialty Channels and Growing
* Full Popular TV Shows Instantly, On Demand
* Users Can Also Add Their Own Streams Manually
* Built Especially For Apple Mac Users
* Easy To Use, With Quick Search Features
* Best Programs from Fox, NBC, ABC, Comedy Central, TBS, TNT, Sci-Fi, etc.
* Hundreds of Popular Underground Channels and Local Stations Worldwide
* Supports HD Video on Channels Streaming HD Content
* Channels From All Over the World - Watch Shows You Can't Usually Get
* Thousands of Local TV & Internet Channels Also
* Original Online TV Shows
* MacTVision Lists Each Episode of a TV Series to Locate a Show Quickly
* Refresh Entire Listings Database with One Click
* Full Length Hollywood & Independent Movies
* Live Broadcast News & Sports Channels
* Full Control Panel - TV, Streams, Radio, and Apps
* Integration with Hulu, YouTube, Justin.TV, Revison3, and More
* Favorite Streaming Internet Radio Stations
* Rate Favorite Shows
* Customize and Edit Listings - Manage All Viewing from the MacTVision Panel
* Hundreds of Countries Listed - Select Programs from Any Country
* Auto Removal of Dead/Broken Channels, Keeping Content Fresh
* Free Lifetime Product Updates
* Online TV Made Easy for Macs
* No Monthly Subscription Fees
* Supporting VPN Connections for International Users

Although the application requires no setup, and users can start watching TV immediately, there is a settings panel where advanced users may choose video display options and download recommended, free software. Also included are settings to bypass trans-national content blocking by means of a VPN (Virtual Private Network). The app includes a short instruction manual, a direct link to the MacTVision web page, and advanced proxy connection options.

"MacTVision has grown rapidly in the last few months," stated MacTVision Technologies Marketing Director, Brian Lane. "We now have nearly 10,000 users; so to celebrate we're offering a limited time only 10% discount with the discount code 'TV10000', re-asserting our free lifetime upgrades policy, and announcing The Project Edutainment Grant." "We appreciate all the great feedback received daily, and we look forward to continuously molding MacTVision to what our customers want."

Language Support:
* US English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, and Russian

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.4 or higher
* Intel or PPC processor
* 25.2 MB

Pricing and Availability:
MacTVision HD 3.3 is $39.95 (USD), with 10% off for a limited time with the discount code above, and available through the MacTVision website. This is a one-time fee, with free upgrades for life; there are no monthly fees, no additional hardware, or any additional costs. A free demo copy of MacTVision is available. Review copies are available upon request.

MacTVision Technologies, an Apple software technology developer, has served customers worldwide since its inception in 2010, including educational institutions, governmental bodies, national and international companies, small business, and our favorites, students and personal home use! Our fast growth rate has proven a platform of substance and effectiveness with our online tv software for Macs. Our goal is to become a leading provider of personal and professional software solutions for Apple based computers.

Being an online Mac software delivery company, we have several locations to serve our customers most effectively. We have hosting, support, and partnership locations across North America. Our technology hubs include two locations in North Carolina, one in Arizona, and one in Quebec, Canada with approximately 12 employees across all locations we call home.

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