Notes Plus for iPad soon to feature handwriting recognition capabilities

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[] Lakeville, Minnesota - Viet Tran, the independent mobile application developer behind Notes Plus has announced plans to implement WritePad SDK, a handwriting recognition engine developed by PhatWare Corp., into upcoming versions of Notes Plus. This feature will enable Notes Plus users to take their Note Taking experience to the next level as the app will be able to generate content, mathematical solutions, and web pages, among many other things directly from what they write. Though PhatWare Corp. integrated versions of Notes Plus have yet to become available to consumers and existing Notes Plus users both developers are actively working to bring this additional functionality to market in the near future.

Due to become available during the second quarter of 2011, PhatWare Corp. WritePad SDK integration with Notes Plus is poised to propel the application to finally become a fully complete, well rounded note taking resource. Handwriting recognition capabilities of WritePad SDK are perfectly tailored for use within applications such as Notes Plus as it allows users to utilize their own handwritten content as an interactive springboard for interactive research and problem solving in real-time. This technology will be as fully engrained within Notes Plus as possible in part because of PhatWare Corp's level of involvement. Partnering with Notes Plus, PhatWare Corp. will receive a $2.00 royalty for every application utilizing its technology which is sold. This has the distinct implication of ensuring that PhatWare Corp's recognition engine will not simply be utilized by Notes Plus but indeed showcased as both developers will be highly invested in its successful implementation. Furthermore, this long-awaited addition will propel Notes Plus to become competitive at the highest levels of its market, comparable in usability and features to applications such as Microsoft's OneNote and Apple's own Newton.

To give a few concrete examples of the boundless nature of WritePad SDK's functionality; if a user needs to find out what eleven divided by three is, they simply write "11 / 3 = ?" by hand. Notes Plus will then utilize PhatWare Corp's recognition engine to calculate this problem and provide users with the answer. Likewise, if a Notes Plus user quickly needs to visit a given web page to review content, they will be able to simply write that site's URL by hand and the app will automatically bring up it up to be browsed and reviewed. To note, these are only two specific examples of Notes Plus' forthcoming WritePad SDK enabled capabilities. The practical uses of this technology stretch far beyond the spectrum of these outlined situations. Every iteration of Notes Plus has been designed with performance and usability as its chief concerns; with constant attention to its user's needs, the application has grown leaps and bounds with each of its new versions. The implementation of WritePad SDK technology into Notes Plus is simply another step in the app's continuous progression and improvement.

Notes Plus is developed by Viet Tran, an emerging independent developer based out of Lakeville Minnesota. Tran is currently focused on developing mobile workspace solutions of the highest caliber for iPad consumers. Copyright (C) Notes Plus 2011. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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