ComboApp becomes 1st Agency to offer Mac App Store marketing services

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[] Vancouver, Canada - ComboApp, one of the leading web based app marketing and PR Agencies, has taken notice of Apple's new Mac App Store in a way no one else yet has. In fact, ComboApp has already rolled out a set of new marketing services geared specifically at promoting applications on marketplace while it is still in its relative infancy. For those few who may not yet be aware, the Mac App Store itself is a new application marketplace specifically offering apps for use on Mac laptops and desktops. Because of its broad reach - basically anyone who owns an Apple computer or has access to one - this marketplace has an unbridled potential both for Mac users as well as mobile application developers that are currently focused on creating Mac based products.

The store's end users have unanimously been over the moon about this new App Store. The excitement is not limited users however, and it mirrors ComboApp's own interest in the new online store. To sum it up in fact, ComboApp's own Marketing Director, Julia Guzunova, has noted what many independent developers and industry players have already known for some time, that, "the potential for added revenue and app functionality is nearly limitless when thinking about [The Mac App Store] simply because it provides applications that can run on the immensely powerful current Mac computer platforms. Basically we're looking at a new market with endless reach and endless product potential. It's a really exciting prospect and we wanted to be first ones on the scene."

It's not hard to place the scope of this new marketplace's reach into proper perspective. Within one day of its launch, the Mac App Store was downloaded onto personal Mac laptops and desktops over a million times. Because this app store is meant to function on computers rather than smartphones, there's nearly no limit on how complex and expansive the applications it offers could be. Yet, since the Mac App Store exists online just as Apple's original App Store does, developers are still afforded the opportunity to easily market their products directly to their target audiences. This means that the Mac App Store is able to maintain all of the aspects that have made the original App Store the developer-friendly marketplace that it is today.

Recognizing this, ComboApp jumped at the chance to create marketing services that cater to the inevitable flood of developers to this store before anyone else. Now, while ComboApp has maintained its position as the premiere web based app marketing agency, the organization understood from the beginning that the specific marketing strategies which effectively promote conventional iOS apps - though similar in nature - have to be somewhat restructured to ensure that they create good results within this new marketplace as well. With this in mind ComboApp has introduced the following seven new marketing services. Uniquely optimized to promote Mac App Store applications, the new services are as follows:

* Mobile Resource Ad Campaign
* App Leaderboard Publicity
* App Site Promotion
* In-Market App Tracking & Analysis
* Advanced In-Market App Tracking & Analysis
* Mainstream Promotion via Facebook
* Mainstream Promotion via YouTube

The horizons of the virtual marketplace are ever expanding and if the success of the Mac App Store is any indication, this expansion has only just begun to gain full traction. Recognizing this as a fact rather than simply a hope, ComboApp is committed to helping both emerging and established developers promote and spread their applications in ways specifically relevant and effective within this growing industry.

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