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[] Tel Aviv, Israel - RedleX today is pleased to announce the release of Mellel 2.8, a major update to its leading word processor for Mac OS X, signalling a new direction as the App Store begins to revolutionise the Mac software market.

The App Store: A Game Changer
Mellel 2.8, introducing Track Changes and advanced Sort, comes with a much lower price tag - 20 percent across the board ($39 instead of $49 for the regular version, $29 instead of $35 for the educational version) - and eliminates for-pay upgrades. All upgrades from now on will be completely free to all Mellel users.

"Apple's App Store, where Mellel is headed, is a game changer - a revolution in the making, that's going to shake the Mac Software development to the core," says Eyal Redler, RedleX's CTO. "The Mac software market grows in leaps and bounds - it quadrupled over the last few years and now runs at a pace of more than 16 Million new Macs every year. Most of the people who buy those machines are newcomers who were weaned on buying music and applications from within the Apple store - buying cheap, buying often and with absolutely no concept of a for-pay upgrade. They buy once, and expect to get it updated forever," he adds.

With Mellel 2.8 RedleX is adapting to the change, dropping Mellel's price significantly and stamping out for-pay upgrades. "Our response to the new App Store is getting on with the plan," Says Redler. "I believe software makers should try to expend their user base significantly, not rely on paid upgrades."

Up until now, so fare as pricing is concerned, the App Store met with mixed response from software makers. Some lowered their prices. Some hiked them, to compensate for loss of upgrade income. "We believe things will take a definite shape in the near future, as the existence of the App Store will put pressure on software makers to lower their price," Says Redler. "You cannot expect someone to cough up large sums of money at the App Store on trust or because the application has cute screen shots. Prices need to come down."

An exciting batch of improvements: In addition to the change in pricing and policy, Mellel 2.8 also introduces a host of new and exciting features.

One feature eagerly anticipated by many Mellel users is Track Changes - a feature that allows users to record changes done, and later on accept or reject them. Track Changes in Mellel largely follows the industry standard, as Mellel users will need to cooperate with others using other word processors. The new feature allows users to view documents in their original and final states, with corrections and in final state with corrections marked. It also allows users to switch between viewing the various authors of changes, and also allows a single user enter changes under different names.

Changes can be viewed in the Track changes pane, with details about the changes and the ability to accept or rejected individually or en bloc.

Sort is a new and exciting feature in Mellel, introducing several unique capabilities. Apart from the expected ability to sort paragraphs or table cells alphabetically or numerically, and in ascending or descending order, Mellel also allows sorting words or entire sections. Another unique feature is the ability for a secondary sort, allowing, for example, to sort text indented by tabs independently. Mellel also support ignoring common words (like "the" or "an") at the start of the text, or parenthesised text.

Some other highlights of Mellel 2.8 are a new compressed file format, which allows Mellel document to be easily uploaded to backup and synchronisation services. Mellel 2.8 also allows undoing changes after a save: users can now set how many undo action they wish to store.

Mellel 2.8 is a free update to all registered users of Mellel who've purchased Mellel after December 2007. Those users now have a permanent license. Users who've purchased or updated Mellel before the end of December 2007 will need to purchase an upgrade to a permanent license.

Pricing and Availability:
Mellel 2.8 is available for download now. The price for a single user license is $39 (USD), Educational license is $29, 5 Pack license (5 separate licenses) is $59. A Boxed Edition of Mellel is also available for $64 (including shipping costs). For a complete list of new features, improvements and bug fixes, please see the release notes online.

RedleX was founded in 2002 by Eyal and Ori Redler. The company is privately held and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Copyright (C) 2011 RedleX. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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