Brosix Instant Messenger Reveals Plans for 2011

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[] San Francisco, California - Brosix is happy to announce that many improvements and feature upgrades will take place during 2011. Some of these changes have already undergone development, while others are still in the early stages and are slated for release in the months to come.

Some of the improvements that can be expected throughout 2011 include: conferencing capabilities being added to File Transfer, Co-Browse, Whiteboard and Screenshot, development for Android powered mobile phones, and development for the Apple iPhone.

"We are excited about the many changes and upgrades that are planned for the new year," Stefan Chekanov, co-founder of Brosix, said. "These additions to the current setup are sure to add value to the overall user experience, while also making it possible for people to use Brosix from anywhere in the world - thanks to mobile development."

The majority of changes for 2011 are a result of direct user feedback. Each and every upgrade is meant to improve the Brosix instant messaging platform to ensure increased productivity and efficiency.

Brosix is a good choice for companies interested in creating its own private network. A private network, along with hosting on encrypted servers, helps to guarantee safety and security while making it simple to communicate with employees, clients, coworkers, and freelancers among others.

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