MenuEverywhere available as part of TheMacBundles with 11 other Mac apps

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[] Diraz, Bahrain - Binary Bakery Software is today pleased to announce that our popular product MenuEverywhere is available as part of TheMacBundles - a bundle of 12 great Mac products for just $49.95.

A boon to large monitor or multi-monitor users, MenuEverywhere makes the menu bar's menu accessible from any window on any screen. It works with almost any Mac OS X application. In November 2010, MenuEverywhere was selected as a Macworld Mac Gem application.

The bundle includes a full MenuEverywhere single user license, which normally sells for $14.95. MenuEverywhere is also included in TheMacBundles' innovative Build Your Own Bundle (BYOB) stores. The BYOB stores let users create their own customized bundles for as little as $29.75. TheMacBundles: No Games, No Hype, No Middlemen... Just GREAT Software at a GREAT Price (TM).

If you've got a large monitor or a dual or multi-monitor setup, then MenuEverywhere will eliminate the frustration of having to reach out for the menubar and losing focus on your work.

With MenuEverywhere, you can access menus in the following ways:
* Screen-top menu on (non-primary) secondary screens
* Window-attached menu bar
* Window-attached menu button
* Use a hot key or a mouse button to pop-up menu at the current mouse pointer's location

Some of the Key Features:
* Menu access methods are all optional, those not used may be switched off
* Configurable button/menu bar styles
* Multiple font sizes for menu labels and menu items (small to super* large)
* Auto-hide
* Able to show Apple menu in addition to application's menu
* Intuitive exclude list facility to prevent usage on apps of your choosing
* Fold/unfold alternate menu items
* Showing keyboard shortcuts is optional
* If window-attached button/menubar is used, it may be positioned next to the window's green zoom button (traffic light controls)
* Works with almost all applications

Why use it:
* Avoids tedious hand movement from monitor to monitor
* Reduces hand movement strain from long winded mouse movements
* Stay focused on your work and not the Apple menu bar

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

Pricing and Availability: MenuEverywhere is available immediately as part of TheMacBundles - plus 11 other handy apps for only $49.95 (USD). All software titles included in the bundle are the same full featured products that are provided to users that have paid the full retail price for the software. Additionally, all the titles come with the same level of customer support and upgrade policies that are provided to users that have paid the full retail price for the software. Further, all of the programs included in a bundle on TheMacBundles' website are the latest versions of the software, and bundles are backed up by a 30-day money back guarantee.

Founded by Hisham Khalifa in 2009, Binary Bakery Software is based in the sunny island state of Bahrain, and specializes in easy to use, yet powerful Mac OS X applications. Copyright 2011 Binary Bakery Software/Hisham Khalifa. Apple, the Apple logo and OSX are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. in the US and/or other countries.


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