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June 3, 2008 in Music (E)

[prMac.com] Nashville, Tennessee - RingtoneFeeder has launched an affiliate program offering 20% commission on all qualifying revenue generated by links to RingtoneFeeder from the affiliate partner. The program is a one-click activation for existing subscribers but anyone can register and participate.

The program is partly a drive to spread the word about RingtoneFeeder and partly to enable subscribers to make some income and by allowing conversion of commission income to an annual subscription package an affiliate will essentially be able to get a free subscription to RingtoneFeeder by signing up 5 friends to the annual subscription service. The commission payment will be done on a monthly basis via PayPal provided the affiliate has a commission balance of minimum $50.

Affiliates will get instant access to current marketing material consisting of banners in IAB standard sizes as well as plain text links for use on websites, in emails, blogs, forum signatures, social networking sites etc. Updated activity statistics including number of clicks generated, unique users, and number of new subscribers are available from the dedicated Affiliate Area.

"By partnering up with our subscribers we will be able to grow the iPhone Ringtone community and although not everyone can produce sufficient traffic to make substantial commission income many of our subscriber will quite easily be able to make enough to cover the cost of an annual subscription to RingtoneFeeder by placing links and banners in their social space." said Geoff Smith, Partner and Producer at RingtoneFeeder.

RingtoneFeeder is a new and innovative approach to ringtones offering a subscription model which automatically installs two new original ringtones on the iPhone via iTunes every week. The earlier a subscription to the service is made the bigger collection the subscriber will have. When a ringtone has been released it will not appear in the weekly updates ever again. The 10 latest ringtones are delivered when subscribing and then an additional two new ringtones every week.

There is also a free demo feed available so the service can be tried out with no obligations. The free feed contains a few sample ringtones as well as an introduction video and a PDF guide to managing ringtones via iTunes.

Geoff Smith has been producing and playing music most of his life and is mostly known online from his jingles heard on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code Podcast, GeekBrief.tv, Tips from The Top Floor, ScreenCasts Online, the successful iYule project and recently the theme song for TWiT Live. Geoff began composing jingles and theme songs for podcasters back in 2005 and has literally written hundreds.

RingtoneFeeder.com was launched on April 29th 2008 and is a weekly automated delivery of original ringtones exclusively produced and optimized to sound great on the iPhone. The majority of the ringtones are written and performed by Geoff Smith who has been producing and playing music most of his life and is mostly known online from his jingles heard on Adam Curry's Daily Source Code Podcast, GeekBrief, Tips from The Top Floor, ScreenCasts Online and recently the successful iYule project. (C) 2008 RingtoneFeeder All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and iPhone, are registered trademarks of Apple Inc in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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