Bevy featured in TheMacBundles' January Bundle

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[] Fort Worth, Texas - bergdesign today is pleased to announce that our popular Mac application launcher Bevy is available as part of TheMacBundles' January bundle - a bundle of 12 great Mac products for just $49.95 (USD). Bevy automatically discovers and makes all of your applications instantly available from a single window that's revealed with a hot key, a mouse click in the dock or menu bar, or a flick of the cursor, and Bevy lets you launch any app with a single click.

Bevy is a unique application launcher that instantly gives you a 50,000 foot view of all of the applications on your machine. Bevy automatically discovers your applications then neatly organizes their icons into groups based on the folders that contain the applications. Bevy comes with a pre-defined set of standard app locations, but you can specify your own locations to match your own organizational style.

Bevy is always up-to-date because it uses Spotlight to keep track of changes so that you don't have to. As you install new software and delete old apps, Bevy automatically updates its view so you don't waste your time doing it. In addition, you can hide app icons that you rarely or never use so they won't clutter your view.

To help you quickly find the application you're looking for, the tap of a key will highlight apps with matching names, or you can drag-and-drop a file to Bevy's window to highlight the apps that can open the file. Bevy sorts app icons by name or by subfolder, and bergdesign will be expanding Bevy's capabilities in the coming weeks with some really novel organizational features and custom user sorting and grouping (this will be a free upgrade for registered users).

Visit the Bevy product page for an overview and screencast showing many of Bevy's features and capabilities, or download a demo of Bevy and read through the extensive built-in user guide.

bergdesign has partnered with TheMacBundles for an exclusive discount in this month's bundle and in their innovative Build Your Own Bundle stores where users can choose the software titles they want bundled together.

"Bundles have become an excellent way for users to discover great software titles that they probably wouldn't have discovered or let alone considered on their own," says Brock Brandenberg, founder of bergdesign. "And the bundles are amazingly affordable. It's like paying for one or two apps and getting another ten for free."

TheMacBundles was setup by Steve Becker as a "Farmers Market" for software, essentially a co-op where software developers can bundle their software titles for maximum exposure while also providing users with dramatically reduced prices. January's bundle of 12 titles has a retail value of almost $400 but sells for only $49.95 and includes bergdesign's new application launcher, Bevy.

TheMacBundles' no-fine-print policy protects users by ensuring all software titles included in the bundle are the same full-featured products that are provided to users who have paid the full retail price for the software. Additionally, all the titles come with the same level of customer support and upgrade policies that are provided to users who have paid the full retail price for the software. Further, all of the programs included in a bundle on TheMacBundles' website are the latest versions of the software, and bundles are backed up by a 30-day money back guarantee.

bergdesign has been developing software for the Macintosh(R) for over 15 years. bergdesign has developed numerous novel and patented software applications ranging from display calibration, to image masking, to rule-based graphical layout for desktop publishing. Copyright 2011 bergdesign. All Rights Reserved. Mac and Macintosh are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.