Thomas Hoving's Master Pieces: The Curator's Game is now an iPad App

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[] Boston, Massachusetts - Thomas Hoving, director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art from 1967 - 1977, wrote Master Pieces with Lori Stein and Kate Learson in 2005 to bring a favorite game of his to the public. The book is a great way to learn and appreciate what makes these works true masterpieces by looking at their details, reading a clue, and then guessing the artist. The back half of the book contains a full rendition of each masterpiece and essays by Tom with his take on the work or an interesting vignette.

Ballast Lane Applications, LLC thought Master Pieces's content was a perfect match for the iPad's interactivity and ability to present gorgeous, high resolution photographs and thus created the app based on the book. The app includes the book's text, two-hundred details, and fifty-four masterpieces presented in a new way that really allows you to improve and test your art appreciation skills.

The app has three different games listed below by increasing level of difficulty:

Game 1: Study then Guess presents six masterpieces for you to study and memorize the artists' names. Then, when you are ready, play the round by guessing the artist who painted each detail shown. This game does not require any prior knowledge and is a great way to start training your curatorial eye.

Game 2: Match Three Details requires a keen eye to identify three details (from a group of twelve) cut from the same painting. Brushstrokes, colors, and style are your clues here.

Game 3: Guess the Artist randomly presents you with details from any of our masterpieces for which you must guess the artist. If you are an art expert, jump right in and see how you do. Otherwise, play the first two games and study the gallery section first to give yourself a refresher.

At any point in a game, or when they first open the app, players can go to the gallery to read Tom's essays and explore high definition reproductions of each piece. The essays are succinct, informative, and entertaining and focus on the personality of the artist, perhaps a struggle or two he had to overcome to create the masterpiece, and outline the story of the painting. From the gallery you can view a high definition photograph of each work, zoom in and explore, and find your own favorite details.

Everyone who has seen the book and the app say Tom's approach is a truly a great way to see details in art from the 1200s to the 20th century come alive.

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 4.2 or later
* 88.4 MB

Pricing and Availability:
The Master Pieces 1.0.1 can be purchased for $9.99 (USD) on the Apple App Store in the Books category.

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