Toolbox 0.7.9 - Graphics program

June 3, 2008 in Image Editing (E)

[] Copenhagen Denmark - Opcoders announces the fourth public alpha of Toolbox, the visual programming tool which enables the combination of bitmaps, vector graphics and effects into amazing works of digital art. This latest release includes an in-development prerelease of the new and improved user interface, and much improved Text handling.

New User Interface:
The current in-development version of Toolbox contained in this release is for testing, feedback and comments purposes only. The new user interface is expected to become the default from next version onwards. The new interface reduces application clutter by reducing the amount of open windows, making it more laptop friendly and simplifying undo/redo operations. The new user interface is contained in a single window which is subdivided into 3 areas:

- proof of concept, not very useful at the moment.

- provides useful output from the rendering process.

- provides context sensitive details for selections in the construction area.

We are very interested in user feedback regarding the new interface such as how to make the processing more visible, how to make the more intuitive and responsive, and any general annoyances you bump into.

Reworked Text Brick:
The Text Brick included in previous releases was developed as a temporary but very usable solution. Since the Text brick is one of the most used bricks, time has arrived for an update. Updates to this new release includes:
* added new font parameter controllable by means of the standard OSX font panel.
* hard coded font- and traits-lists are obsoleted by the new font parameter.
* kerning parameter for controlling tracking added.
* ligatures parameter for enabling/disabling ligatures added.
* line-spacing parameter added.

MacBook Pro:
Toolbox and MBP's haven't been on friendly terms lately. Reports of MBP's freezing and strange behavior requiring a reboot has trickled in. These issues have now been fixed. Thanks goes out to Toolbox users who have helped us track down these problems.

Other changes:
* colorblindness simulation brick added.
* video memory requirements lowered from 256 MB to 64 MB.
* system memory requirements lowered from 2 GB to 1 GB RAM.

Toolbox 0.7.9 requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) and works best on machines purchased after 2006. Toolbox is 20 Euro for a single user license.

Availability and Pricing:
Toolbox is free to try and can be downloaded without any registration from the Toolbox homepage (3.5 MB). Single user license can be purchased for 20 Euro.

Opcoders is a one-man company, founded in 2006 by Simon Strandgaard.