Awareness 2.1: Solution to US Anti-iPod Legislation: Upgrade: Price Drop

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[] London, United Kingdom - Awareness V2.1 provides a tech solution to planned Anti-iPod legislation as US lawmakers take aim at 'distracted pedestrians,' concerned at recent statistics showing pedestrian fatalities on the increase for the first time in 4 years. Headphones and iPod wearing take the blame. iPhone App Awareness makes users 'Aware' and can save lives.

Just search Google for" people killed while wearing headphones". A proposal by Senator Jimmy Jeffress from Crossett would ban pedestrians in Arkansas from wearing headphones in both ears, the ban would also apply to joggers and cyclists.

A similar proposal by Democratic State Senator Carl Kruger in New York would see civil fine of $100 imposed on anyone crossing a street wearing headphones. Senator Kruger is quoted as saying "You can't be fully aware of your surroundings if you're listening to music on an iPod".

"Yes you can" claims Essency spokesperson Alex Georgiou. "Awareness! The Headphone App is designed to let headphone users hear everything they need to hear in their surroundings, in fact Awareness! can actually enhance their hearing in such circumstances".

With increasing numbers of people using in-ear and closed headphones, there are serious safety issues caused by their isolation from the world around them.

Awareness! is an innovative 99c app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that picks up environmental sounds with the iPhone microphone and plays it into headphones simultaneously with music, allowing users to keep their wits about them while wearing headphones.

This is an essential app for music listening pedestrians, drivers, cyclists, bikers and others who need audio awareness for safety's sake.

Awareness The Headphone App V2.1 - 59p/99c - Upgrade & Price Drop. In a move designed to get Awareness in the hands of many more users, essency have reworked the app from a full feature app at 2.99/$4.99 to a core function app at 59p/99c with lots as extras as In-App purchases.

* A unique new class of active functional headphone app
* Connects iPhone's microphone to iPhone headphones
* Feeds the outside world into the music
* Avoid headphone related accidents
* Banish headphone oblivion
* For iPhone, iPod touch and iPad
* Coming to Android
* V2.1 available now from the Apple App Store

* New Accessible Pricing - V2.1 is 59p/99c (V1.0 was $4.99/2.99)
New purchasers pay 59p/99c and they get core functionality plus the chance to buy new features as In-App purchases. For most users this will cost much less than before

V2.1 - Early Adopters Bonus:
All In-App purchase are Free for previous purchasers. This version unlocks all the In-App features for free if there is a previous version on the iPhone. Lots of new features as IN-APP purchases (See PDF). Awareness! uses the microphone on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to allow users to listen to their music with total peace of mind, knowing that important sounds, warnings, shouts, sirens, alarms or conversations,won't be missed.

Awareness 59p/99c core version comes with the following spec:
* Mic threshold (manual adjust)
* Mic on/off
* Mic trigger delay
* Vibrate Alarm
* Ducking* (iOS bug stops it from working as smoothly as it should)

Bypass/Mic - Included:
Switches the mic on or off whatever the threshold setting, useful if the user just wants to have a quick listen to what's going on around them.

Vibrate / Noise Alarm - Included:
Makes an 'i'device vibrate when the mic threshold is exceeded. This turns Awareness! into a useful noise alarm that could warn users when they are exposed to dangerous environmental noise levels. Can be used in conjunction with the dB Noise Meter. Note: Will not work with iPod player but works with all other audio apps.

Ducking - Included:
Lowers the music when the mic is triggered and turns it back up when outside noise drops to normal levels. Note: although functional there's a bug in iOS at the moment that stops this function from working as smoothly as it should, we're hoping Apple fix it soon.

Awareness In-App Purchase Features:

AutoPause - NEW (59p/99c In App Purchase)
Pauses and resumes music when the outside noise exceeds the
set mic threshold so users never miss a thing! Great for audio
books too. Only Works with the iPod Player.

AutoSet (59p/99c In App Purchase)
AutoSet listens to the sounds around the user and automatically sets a microphone threshold to make sure they to hear anything above normal background noise. AutoSet comes on each time the app is fired up and the button on the main screen is tapped.

AutoSet Plus - NEW (1.19/$1.99 In App Purchase)
Advanced version of AutoSet, checks and adjusts the mic threshold at a set interval of your choice ranging from every 30 secs to every 5 minutes (displayed in the UI). Great on the move.

ClearVoice (59p/99c In App Purchase)
Makes any speech picked up by the mic clearer and easier to hear.

dB Noise Meter - NEW (59p/99c In App Purchase)
Upgrades the app meter to a Noise Meter which measures environmental noise and displays it as a Sound Pressure Level (SPL) measured in decibels. Featuring average dB and dBA scales.

VoiceOver UI - NEW (59p/99c In App Purchase)
A simplified UI designed optimised for VoiceOver.
Fully updated after feedback from the partially sighted community

UK developer essency was formed in 2009, the result of a collaboration between experienced sound recording engineers, programmers and musicians. essency co-founders Alex and Antony share a passion for technology and music making that spans over 25 years. This is the first release in a trio of initial Apps by essency, designed to enhance the usefulness and usability of music playing devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. iPad, Android, Symbian, Blackberry, PC and Mac versions will follow. Copyright (C) 2011 essency. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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