Diagrammix - New diagramming tool for building pretty looking diagrams

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[prMac.com] Moscow, Russian Federation - Deep IT today is pleased to announce their new Mac OS X diagramming tool for building pretty looking diagrams with minimal effort. Diagrammix offers a lot of art elements and different connectors that eliminate the need to waste time for preparing attractive elements in vector drawing editors. Deep IT designer developed nice set of elements. If you are office worker, developer, manager, supervisor, student or home user you can draw about anything in extremely simple and intuitive way.

Use Diagrammix as a fast business tool for illustration purposes. If you need to analyze process or structure, describe regularity, simply brainstorming - Diagrammix is a right tool! You'll be able to focus on what really matters. Diagrammix takes upon itself to connect elements, autosize elements while text entering, align elements and connectors. Just drag and drop elements from palette, connect them and enter the text.

Diagrammix has several palettes with amazing elements specially designed for this release. You can quickly create professional looking diagrams with beautiful style.

Once elements are connected by a line, they stay connected no matter how much you change them or move them around. That means the logical integrity of your diagram is preserved regardless of how you choose to position the elements. There are several connector styles: thin, thick, solid, dashed, dotted, with different arrows and colors, all with predefined styles. Work can be saved in a number of formats including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF or copied to text processors via a clipboard.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.5 or later
* Intel or Power PC
* 4.6 Mb

Pricing and Availability:
Diagrammix for Mac is available as shareware version. During the promo period Diagrammix is only $9.95 (USD). You can use the shareware version for free during a 15-day trial period. The shareware version has a watermark that will be removed after buying a license.

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