iCal Meeting Invite Translator Updated For Leopard

June 4, 2008 in Software (E)

[prMac.com] London, UK - John Maisey has released version 1.4 of YAI. YAI is a plug-in for Apple Mail that translates and automatically transfers Exchange style meeting invitations to iCal. It corrects incompatibilities between Microsoft Exchange style meeting invites and what Mail/iCal interprets.

Version 1.4 brings Leopard support to YAI. Although the handling of Exchange style meeting invitations is much improved in iCal 3 there are still areas where it need some help. YAI enables automatic transfer of invitations to iCal while maintaining the correct permissions on the event.

YAI also includes several options to process the invite emails in Mail. The options include flag, mark as read, color, copy or move the message. These make it much easier to manage a busy inbox.

With YAI installed, Exchange style invites received in Mail's inbox are processed as they arrive and are sent to iCal, ready to be acted on. Most invites will appear in iCal's notification pane, but any invites the user sends themselves will be added as an editable event. If there are invites from before YAI was installed, these are easily transferred to iCal by selecting them in Mail and pressing Cmd-Opt-L. They will be processed in exactly the same way as newly received ones.

YAI will benefit to those using an Apple Mac in an Exchange environment and also those that are likely to be sent un-requested (and unexpected) meeting invites from associates or colleagues.

YAI 1.4 requires an Apple Mac running OSX 10.5 or 10.4, Apple Mail, iCal and Address Book.

Pricing and Availability:
As of version 1.4 YAI is 3 GBP shareware and will operate in the background for 14 days without being registered. Version 1.4 is a free update for registered users.

John Maisey is an independent software developer based in London, UK. He has been programming since 1989 and has been using Apple Macs to do so since 2000. His current software releases include YAI, Dates to iCal, iCal Reply Checker and iCal Dupe Deleter.


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