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[] Amsterdam, Netherlands - The ITWC today is pleased to announce the release of Weather+ for iOS and the Mac App Store. Do you like to check the day's weather forecast before you leave for work? Would you like to check things like the humidity levels in another state before you leave for your vacation? Thanks to Weather+, you can do that and more, just by downloading the world's #1 weather application from the new Mac App Store. You'll find it under its own unique name, Weather+.

Weather+ stands out from the crowd and gives you more than just the weather. It's already a bestselling weather app on mobile devices, and you can use it on your iPad, iPhone, and iPod. You can check out the data in any city anywhere in the world. It's got all the usual info, from precipitation to wind speed and direction, gathered by reporting stations everywhere to be fast and accurate. It's also incredibly easy to use and very pleasant to look at.

The widgets that display each piece of weather information can be rearranged to suit your needs or eliminated entirely in favor of a text-only version of the app. On top of all that, the full-screen background loops a video of weather conditions from the city whose report you're viewing at the time. Function and form have definitely melded in this app to create something that is both helpful and beautiful. Find it and much more in the Mac App Store today. Weather+ is easy to find. Just search for the Weather in your AppStore.

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