Craig's List Search Agent Greatly Enhanced, 50% off until 6/10

June 8, 2008 in Mac OSX (E)

[] Seattle, WA - Black Pixel Luminance has released an updated version of Agent Craig, the internet search agent for OS X Leopard, with dramatically enhanced search capabilities and a substantially reduced introductory price.

The software runs as a background application, providing an unobtrusive way to look out for items of interest during work or at home. Discrete pop-up messages notify the user of new results matching their search terms, and each search campaign can be customized with a distinct audio alert.

"The single largest item of feedback our customers gave us was 'provide searches for more cities, please'," said Dan Pasco, Black Pixel's CEO, "In our initial release we focused primarily on 22 major cities and a short list of major categories. The latest build has support for 598 cities and 130 distinct categories - a huge improvement."

The expanded site list will allow users outside of major US metropolitan areas to effectively use the application. It also allows international users to access Craig's List sites as well, something denied to them in previous releases.

"It's good to have this taken care of," said Black Pixel director of engineering David Brown, "We've been wanting to have this addressed since the day we went live with Agent Craig, but our schedule mandated that we hold off on world-wide support until after the initial release. As it stands, it took a lot of work to get these features in as quickly as we did, but it was a high demand item and we wanted to keep our users happy."

In addition to the expanded search, the new version features performance updates and enhanced tools for collaboration with friends and family.

The updated version of Agent Craig is currently available as a beta and will be distributed as a regular product update by the end of the week. The beta version can be downloaded for free from the Black Pixel website.

Pricing and Availability:
Agent Craig normally sells for $29.99 USD, but is being offered for 50% off ($14.99) until June 10th, 2008. The software can be downloaded for free evaluation or registered at the Black Pixel website.

Black Pixel Luminance is a software development group focused exclusively on iPhone and Mac software development. The group, which was founded in February 2008, has created Agent Craig, a collaborative task management application known as Aria, and two yet-to-be-announced applications for the Apple iPhone.


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