Apps for Safer Driving Now Available to Millions of New iPhone Owners

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[] Denver, Colorado - With millions of new iPhone devices in the hands of Verizon Wireless customers, there is an increased risk of distracted driving incidents because iPhone owners must look at the screen to type on the phone. Cleverlike Corp. has invented a solution for typing on the iPhone without looking at the screen. Their latest apps, StealthType SMS and StealthType Maps, aim to make it safer to send text messages or use Google Maps while driving. These life-saving apps are sold in the app store for $1.99.

The Problem:
With its new support for the iPhone 4, Verizon Wireless has just launched an army of millions of brand new iPhone users onto our roads. For many customers, this will be their first touchscreen smartphone. Typing on a touchscreen device requires focused visual attention which creates a dangerous scenario when mixed with the bad habit of texting while driving.

The Solution:
New apps from Cleverlike Corporation aim to make the roadways safer by providing a way to type on the iPhone without looking at it. Their StealthType SMS and StealthType Maps apps can help users send text messages and search Google Maps without taking their eyes off the road. Both of these apps are now available in the app store for a sale price of US $1.99.

Highlights of StealthType SMS

Send accurate text messages to your contacts without looking at your phone or speaking to it:
* Safe Send allows you to send a text message without looking and directs a reply to your e-mail inbox. Your recipients are notified to call you if their response is urgent.
* In-app SMS option allows you to send text messages using your phone's built-in SMS text messaging.
* Send Free Text Messages without a text messaging plan using the Safe Send option. (Requires internet access.)
* Customize your contact list for initiating SMS messages.

Highlights of StealthType Maps

Safely enter business searches or program driving directions for Google Maps without looking at the phone or speaking to it:
* Select from Search, Driving Directions and Map options.
* Use your current location or enter a specific location for addresses.
* Pull up a map of the current area for checking the traffic on your commute.
* Define a preset zoom level so you don't have to resize your map view.

Core Features of All StealthType Apps:
* Unique "StealthType" technology for navigating the app and typing without looking at device or speaking to it
* Male or female voices (real, professional voice recordings)
* QWERTY or ABC keyboard layouts
* Send to Clipboard option for iPod touch, iPad and iPhone users
* Stealthy design that emits low light levels for discreet use day or night

Background on the Invention of StealthType:
Before the touchscreen interface of the iPhone was released, the use of mobile phones for talking and texting while driving was running rampant with hardly any laws in place to prevent it. Up to that point, most phones had a keypad that made it possible to feel the buttons so you could successfully type without much looking.

When the iPhone was released, it became clear that the touchscreen interface would require significant visual attention to type on its smooth flat keyboard. There was no doubt that this was going to make the problem of distracted driving even worse.

Cleverlike Corporation's founder and President, Brian Dickman, began immediately working on a app-based solution that could help alleviate this problem. He challenged himself to answer the question, "How can someone type a complete and accurate message on a flat screen without looking at it?"

Voice recognition technology was ruled out because several companies have had the technology on the market for many years with a low adoption rate. Personal experience with voice recognition technology showed that it is not always accurate and it can be awkward to speak to a device in the hopes that it understands what you're saying.

The idea of predefined or "canned" phrases was also considered, but it is too limiting to be useful in most cases. The solution needed to allow someone to type their completely unique message without looking at the screen.

The next area of consideration was the technology already on the phone designed to allow a visually-impaired person to use the phone. A visually-impaired person can be classified the same as a person that is trying to use the phone without looking. The problem is that while this built-in aid would be a blessing for someone that could not see, it is cumbersome for someone that can see the phone but only wants to use the visual aid features occasionally.

The answer to the challenge was found in a solution that can be characterized as a visual aid for people that can see. It's a simple solution that uses a recorded voice to prompt the user through the application. When the user touches their finger to the screen, the phone will tell them what button they are touching. Keeping the finger on the screen and moving it across the screen will quickly help them find the correct button. When the finger is lifted from the screen, the button under the finger is selected. This process is used for navigating the application and for typing on the keyboard without looking.

After of few prototypes of this final idea, the exclusive StealthType technology was perfected. Months later, the first StealthType-based apps were launched in the app store. There are currently four different StealthType apps available in the app store.

It's important to note that the motivation behind the development of StealthType technology was to solve the rampant dangerous use of mobile phones for texting while driving. The StealthType apps were not designed to encourage irresponsible or illegal mobile phone behavior. Users are responsible for obeying the law and using good judgement with their mobile devices while driving. The safest way to use a mobile device while driving is to not use it at all.

Cleverlike Corporation is a US-based company dedicated to inventing and marketing innovative technology products and solutions. The company is headquartered in the Denver, Colorado area. Copyright (C) 2011 Cleverlike Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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