XChange Announce Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen for InDesign CS3

June 14, 2008 in Publishing (F)

[prMac.com] Page, Arizona - XChange International, the source for extended technology worldwide, are pleased to announce the availability of the Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen plug-ins for Adobe InDesign CS3 and Adobe InCopy. Previously available for Adobe InDesign CS and CS2 only, the CS3 compatible plug-ins offer users the same valuable features as the earlier versions with enhanced and added components.

Smart Speller incorporates advanced spell-check functionality into Adobe InDesign and InCopy, and considerably extends the set of available languages for use with the programs. The first-class spell-checker speeds up a user's production, reduces proofing rounds, and ensures consistency in communication.

The Smart Speller plug-in has been enhanced to include several new features, including the ability to check expressions and combinations of words. The new version of Smart Speller not only does an excellent job of checking the spelling of a particular word or compound, but it can also look at the word in context, to make sure it's the right word in the right place.

All companies and users that are looking for consistent and error-free spelling in their communication with the outside world will benefit directly from Smart Speller. It allows users to easily develop their own favourite spelling style. Smart Speller is based on the advanced spelling technology provided by the language institute *TAL(TM), the world leader in language tools for the professional publishing industry. Its spelling technology is conceptually different from other spellers, yielding unrivalled results.

Smart Speller follows the rules and exceptions of spelling governed by leading academies. It checks abbreviations, punctuation marks, fixed formats like dates and numbers (financial data), and internet addresses during the spelling process. What makes Smart Speller unique is its ability to handle expressions, assimilations, elisions, re-spelling and double words as well.

Smart Speller has a memory that contains words, such as the user's mistakes or unique, differently spelled words. The same memory can be used to define the favourite style of a whole company, as words are collected in separated user and/or server lexicons. Switching between spelling variations (for example, between leading academies or between American and British English) is an option too. As language is changing constantly, all dictionaries are frequently updated to ensure the highest accuracy.

Smart Hyphen is based on the advanced hyphenation technology provided by the language institute *TAL?(TM) as well. It uses refined linguistic principles with language-specific models. Its understanding of language is almost human, resulting in correct hyphenation, even with complex compounds. New words are hyphenated correctly too, a very convenient feature for magazines and newspapers that have to deal with new words on a daily basis.

Smart Hyphen's extensive list of supported languages also lets users hyphenate languages that are not supported within the Adobe applications. Within one language, Smart Hyphen may offer different language variations to bias the style to a user's preferences even more precisely.

In larger environments where editors and designers are both working individually on the same publication, consistent hyphenation company-wide is essential to ensure exact copyfit of the editor's texts in the designer's layout. Smart Hyphen offers this functionality. Also, exceptions can be memorised and reused, either by a single user, or throughout the entire organisation. As with Smart Speller, Smart Hyphen's dictionaries are frequently updated to ensure the highest accuracy.

Smart Speller and Smart Hyphen are available now through XChange International. To order, or for more information, users can visit their website, or call on +44(0)20 7490 4455 during UK business hours.

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