TranslateIt! 14 for Mac - New version and great licenses experiment

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[] New York, New York - TranslateIt! Team today is pleased to announce the release of TranslateIt! 14, an update to their multilingual dictionary for Mac OS X. TranslateIt! for Mac is a multilingual dictionary that allows you to look up words on the fly. Just hover the pointer over an unfamiliar word and you will see its translation in a pop-up window. Only 2 weeks - great experiment! Any user can buy lifetime license for any price.

Main changes list:
* The main window's search function now supports wildcards, which is useful for solving crosswords and playing other word-based games. For example for word "he?m*t" you get list of words: he might, helmut, hermit, helmet, he must
* Now user can create his own dictionaries (adding, deleting and editing)
* Demonstration of pop-up translation is accelerated
* Tool "Text translation" is accelerated
* Work with MS Office applications is improved.
* Work with Babylon dictionaries (BGL) is improved
* Settings window interface is renewed

Main features:
* Translate words in any applications by just moving the pointer over them
* Full text translation
* Support for most widely known online dictionary/translation services
* Lots of free dictionaries
* Translation Methods: translation from clipboard, drag-and-drop translation, manual input of queries in the main window, double-click translation of words in dictionary entries displayed in the main window
* Morphology support
* Built-in utility for easy creation of custom dictionaries
* Words Quiz (a game for easy learning of new words)
* Multilingual user interface

Pricing and Availability:
Only 2 weeks left - great experiment! Any user can buy a lifetime license for TranslateIt! at any price.

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