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[prMac.com] Valenica, California - Vortex Games, Inc and CEO Richard Yale have recorded a video for all the people playing and looking to play Disoriented!. The video goes through a few methods of how to play but reveals the true secret to playing and beating the harder levels.

Disoriented! is a fun game with a new style of playing games on your iPhone and iPod touch, this means that new methods and play styles will be created all the time. Richard Yale, the CEO of Vortex Games, Inc, has released a video today to help those having trouble beating some of the harder levels. He understands that they can be frustrating but also doesn't want people to get so frustrated that they give up!

While Disoriented! is challenging in the Harder and Crazy level difficulties they are definitely beatable and have been beaten by everyone on staff at Vortex Games, Inc. In order to get the average time for levels and set each level's difficulty they made sure that each level was played and beat with the max 4 stars at least ten times before the times were averaged for the final build.

Richard relates it to being similar to the learning curve of Angry Birds. While you can get through most of the levels just flicking the birds at the blocks, in some of the later levels you actually have to think about where to flick the birds otherwise you have to keep repeating the level till it gets frustrating. The same goes for Disoriented! and in GamePro's review of Disoriented! Ryan Rigney stated it best when he wrote "half of the game is planning your route through each level, while the other half is rapidly spinning your iDevice to execute your plans."

Richard would also like to remind everyone that there is a Settings option on the Main Menu of Disoriented! where you can choose if you want the movement controls to be Tilt to Move, Tilt Touch to move, or just Touch to Move. This can also help with the precise movements if you turn on just Touch to Move. So without further ado Vortex Games, Inc happily presents The Secret to Beating Disoriented! video.

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