Get gaming fun firmly in your crosshairs with Shoot The Apple for iPad

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[] California, Costa Mesa - ConglomerApps Inc., an innovative mobile developer focused on a wide variety of app genres, has today announced the recent release of Shoot The Apple for the iPad. Created to offer users a sharp shooting game which was light on violence and heavy on excitement and marksmanship, Shoot The Apple challenges players to shoot apples and other objects either held by, or balanced atop the heads of the game's many characters. Famous fictional characters, celebrities, and political figures all make appearances as the games not-so-fortunate target holders. Offering a multitude of uniquely challenging levels and sharp shooting challenges, Shoot The Apple is currently available for download on the Apple App Store for $0.99.

This game is structured as an arcade-style shooting gallery experience. Players progress through a set of sequentially more challenging levels, racking up enough points within the allotted time to move on from one stage to the next. To make things more interesting players have only a small amount of ammunition, meaning that they must make every shot count! In keeping with the game's arcade style gameplay, users are able to shoot various bonuses to score extra points, increase their time bank, win precious extra ammunition, or blast every apple in a given level in one fell swoop with an apple-busting bomb. Furthermore, to ensure that things stay fresh and exciting players are able to un-lock a variety of diverse and entertaining weapons which they utilize in their quest to become the ultimate shooting Ace.

Shoot The Apple prides itself no both its innovative gameplay dynamics as well as it's family friendly nature. The app's user interface is extremely straight forward and the game's aiming controls are at once intuitive and responsive. Players simply tilt their iPad various directions to move their weapon's crosshairs and shoot once they have their desired target is in their sights with the click of a single button. Shoot The Apple's family oriented design means that the game doesn't contain any off putting violence or graphic imagery, even if players accidentally hit one of the games many characters with a stray shot. Instead, they simply give users a shocked or surprised look. Addicting gameplay, dynamic action, and a healthy dose of references to pop cultural figures all blend together to make Shoot The Apple a sharp shooting experience that will have users coming back for more time and time again.

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