SonicMood Debuts MP3s, A New Version Release and important Medical News

June 17, 2008 in Music and Recording (E)

[] Paradise, California - SonicMood is Ambient Music at its best. The premier Mac ambient music generation application made by Bit Of Paradise Products has just made available all 28 of the Moods as both 30 and 120 minute MP3s. Now you can take SonicMood wherever you go. The new release, version 4.8.6, is mostly an assortment of refinements to the software itself so that future improvements and updates perform more efficiently.

On May 14th, 2008, in New Orleans, researchers at the national convention for the American Society of Hypertension announced medical findings that fit perfectly with what SonicMood can do for mind, body and soul. This is the direct quote from the news wire from that day:

Listening to just 30 minutes of rhythmically homogeneous music every day may significantly reduce high blood pressure, according to researchers at the American Society of Hypertension's Twenty Third Annual Scientific Meeting and Exposition (ASH 2008). In the first study to examine the anti-hypertensive effect of music listening on ambulatory blood pressure (ABP), today's findings reveal that patients with mild hypertension who listened to just half an hour of classical, Celtic or raga music a day for four weeks experienced significant reductions in 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure (ABP).

When one looks at what rhythmically homogeneous music means, one must immediately include SonicMood in this category of musical types too! The advantage with using SonicMood over the other types of music mentioned is the fact that SonicMood generates its music automagically.

Automagically is what Bit of Paradise Products call the way SonicMood forever randomly plays a Mood until you stop it. And this is exactly something you might never find via the streaming ambient music station on the net. SonicMood 4.8.6 is the latest example of how a Mac can be further used to interact with your personal life in a way that touches the soul. When it is time to relax or there is a need to block out those distractions, SonicMood is an alternative to iTunes because SonicMood is exactly what iTunes is missing!

Bit Of Paradise Products has recently created a web domain for each of its 28 Moods for the convenience of the MP3 purchasers. Each of these Mood websites plays a five minute soundtrack when the Mood is visited. From each Mood website, both the 30 and 120 minute MP3 for that Mood may be purchased.

Brief summaries of the new features and fixes for the 4.8.6 version:
* Re-factored several major components of SonicMood to reduce the code size a bit
* Changed the way Soundfiles and Scene files are handled
* Improved the drag & drop behavior for the Moods and Soundfiles list
* Added a separator between the Scales and the Patterns lists
* Time Of Day window is now resizable
* Time of Day minimum play time and repeat interval settings are remembered
* Made a number of other under the hood improvements to SonicMood

SonicMood features:
* Automagically plays polyphonic sounds with stimulating harmonies
* Optimized for Leopard with iTunes-like operation
* 28 pre-defined Moods
* Moods are completely customizable
* Create you own Moods and export them to share with others
* 128 MIDI keyboard available on demand
* Create soundtracks for film/movies with no copyright issues!
* Quite possibly more features than you'll ever use

SonicMood Benefits:
* Block out annoying background sounds and noise
* Can be a health benefit, lowering high blood pressure
* Quite possibly the best sleep aid you can find that you do not have to swallow!
* Soothes the users into a relaxed state of being
* The one music station that everyone can agree on at work

SonicMood costs $12.95 USD. SonicMood 4.8.6 is a free update for registered users of SonicMood. A fully-functioning demo version is available at the Downloads page of the SonicMood website. Mac OS X 10.3.9 is required as a minimum. The high quality 30 minute mp3s are $1.69 and the 120 minute mp3s are only $3.49.

Stimulate yourself with harmonic moods to relax your inner self. Use SonicMood to create your own royalty-free soundtrack or background music for a video. Listen to SonicMood for at least a minimum of 30 minutes per day to reduce high blood pressure. Anyone can certainly find out more at the website where they can see many screenshots, tutorials, testimonies and even hear a sample of what SonicMood sounds like.

The long list of improvements completed since the release of SonicMood version 4.8.5:
* Re-factored several major components of SonicMood to reduce the code size some, lower the chance of bugs, and make future improvements easier
* Changed the way Soundfiles and Scene files are handled so they're kept in a centralized location. Both sets of files are located inside the Application Support/SonicMood folder inside the user's Library folder. The Soundfiles are located in the Soundfiles folder and the Scene files are located in the Scenes folder. PLEASE NOTE: There is a bug in the PowerPC version of OS X v10.4.10 (fix = update to 10.4.11) that causes the initial copying of Scene files to the new location to fail. The original five Scenes will be substituted instead
* Improved the drag & drop behavior for the Moods list and soundfiles list. You can now drop a folder containing other folders of soundfiles and even including Mood files and they will all be copied to the appropriate places and the Mood files will be added to the current Mood file
* Added a separator between the Scales and the Patterns lists in the Mood Info/Edit window so their respective heights are adjustable
* Made the Time Of Day window resizable, and changed its Mood selector from a ComboBox to a Popup Menu to avoid problems with Moods with similar names
* The Time of Day minimum play time (For at least) and repeat interval (Repeat every) settings are remembered if they were changed by the user
* Holding the shift key down while using the mouse to adjust either the Instruments or the soundfiles volume setting from the SonicMood window will now change the volume of all the Moods
* Improved the behavior of the Mood timer so it doesn't start if the current Theme is empty of Moods
* Fixed a bug that prevented the display of the changing sleep/wake/TimeOfDay timer digits when an arrow button is held down

Bit of Paradise Products has recently created a marketing department by adding on another member to the team. Robert Mitton is handling the marketing for Bit of Paradise Products and working under the business of Sonicideas LLC. Please contact Robert if you would like to obtain a promo/review copy of the latest version of SonicMood.

Located in Paradise, California/USA, among the pine-covered foothills of the Sierra Nevada. Bit Of Paradise Products was founded in 2003 by John Hall. He has a master's degree in physics and spent 29 years in industry developing and testing rotation sensors including optical gyroscopes. John and his wife Laura, want to provide the Mac community with a unique means to end sonic distractions at the work place, home or anywhere. SonicMood, the most sonically relaxing way to enjoy the Mac. SonicIdeas LLC is the marketing department for Bit Of Paradise Products and Director of Marketing, Robert Mitton can be reached at: SoundThinker at sonicideas dot net or call area code (408) 841-7457.