Use FileMaker 5 & 6 Live With Dreamweaver

March 23, 2007 in Software (E)


Glen Allen, Va - March 23, 2007 â€" FMStudio is now available for FileMaker 5 & 6. FMStudio creates a live connection between FileMaker and Dreamweaver. This means that with FMStudio you can see live FileMaker data in Dreamweaver, letting you design custom FileMaker websites from a visual perspective. This means you can Drag and Drop FileMaker fields directly onto your Dreamweaver workspace. Our Site Builder Wizard enables you to build a multi page dynamic PHP site in a matter of minutes. Imagine building a site that enables you to search, edit, delete, create new records, find all etc… for your clients in a matter of minutes.

With FMStudio you can build, test and deploy your FileMaker website using FileMaker Client on both Macintosh and PC. FMWebschool has released a series of movies demonstrating FMStudio’s power and speed using FileMaker 6. (Links to the movies are listed at the bottom of this announcement)

FMStudio simply gives you the power of creating robust FileMaker custom websites without knowing PHP, and it does so within the most popular web-editing program available. Even better, the same website that you create with FileMaker 6, can also be used with FileMaker 7 & 8 with minimal changes.

FMStudio is by far the easiest way to bring FileMaker to the web!

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