Synium MacFamilyTree 5.2 reaches final: 3D Virtual Tree & much more

June 20, 2008 in Software (E)

[] Mainz, Germany - Today, Synium Software announces the new version 5.2 of MacFamilyTree. Gain the full perspective! Visualize and freely navigate even the most complex family trees. Exactly one month of Public Beta Testing already earned MacFamilyTree 5.2 widespread acclaim for its new 3D view "Virtual Tree".

The most recent addition to MacFamilyTree's already abundant set of tools is the ultimate way to visualize and browse even huge and complex genealogy databases. Our "Virtual" Tree can be intuitively controlled and renders a three-dimensional mesh of persons and their relations, right onto your Mac's screen.

Hobbyists as well as genealogy experts will fancy this 3D representation of their research, making it easy to spot distant relatives and missing links in any family tree. Common characteristics are highlighted, using different colors and shapes. Navigating the Virtual Tree is simple: just point, click and drag with your mouse, or use a dedicated "Navigator" to literally fly through your own ancestry.

MacFamilyTree's already powerful GEDCOM support now includes "Selective Export" and better import and merge. Also, we have sped up our GEDCOM engine altogether, making MacFamilyTree's GEDCOM handling one of the fastest on the planet. Version 5.2 of MacFamilyTree also significantly enhances GUI and workflow for editing families, viewing and printing charts and publishing Family Trees and Media on the Web.

New and enhanced features:

New - "Virtual Tree"
* navigatable 3D view of the entire database
* completely displays all "trees"
* visualizes complexity and scope of one's genealogical research
* single- or double-click and drag with the mouse to move between individuals and generations
* display essential information right at your mouse pointer
* easy-to-use "Navigator" as a handy control to virtually fly through family history
* quickly jump to a specific person using the "Persons List", well known from our "Family Assistant"
* for analytical purposes, entries (persons) can optionally be color-marked according to their date of birth, age, generation or sex
* pristine 3D views with Open GL and "Full Scene Anti Aliasing" (on recent Macs)

New - "Selective GEDCOM Export", improved GEDCOM handling
* selectively import single or multiple individuals from GEDCOM files
* enhanced usability for GEDCOM import
* better GEDCOM "Merge"
* much immproved GEDCOM import speed

New - "Family Navigation" in Person Edit Mode
* clearly display all known parents, partners and children for a given person
* families and persons can be directly accessed - no need for navigating back and forth between lists and windows
* parents and partners can be created easily and directly from this new pane

New - Charts get "Events Selector" in "View Options"
* quickly configure events displayed in your charts
* include or exclude events for each chart type invididually
* MacFamilyTree remembers these settings for the next time you create a chart

New "Chart-to-PNG" and "Chart-to-PDF" buttons
* directly create pristine copies of your charts
* no need to use each chart's Edit Mode, if you just want to quickly save or print the current view

Other Changes
* "Age" column for Person Events to immediately check a person's age at a given event
* better support for "Additional Names"
* "Genogram" view now displays items chronologically: events by date and children by date of birth
* improved Kinship Report to fully support complex family relations
* improved Media content creation on Web export
* redesigned for better usability
* the usual minor enhancements, tweaks and fixes

Supported Languages:
MacFamilyTree 5.2 is currently localized in US English, Danish, Finnish, French, German and Italian; Spanish and Swedish will be made available soon. Many other languages are due to be included in subsequent free updates.

System Requirements:
MacFamilyTree 5 requires Mac OS X 10.4.9 or higher, a PPC Macintosh with 512 MByte RAM (1024 recommended), ATI Radeon 7500 or NVidia GeForce 4 MX graphics chipset or better and a minimum of 16 MByte video memory. All Macintosh computers with Intel processors and Intel's GMA 950 graphics chipset or better are supported. MacFamilyTree 5 is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

Pricing and Availability:
MacFamilyTree 5 can be purchased for $49.00 USD, upgrades are $25.00 USD. Demo is also available for download. Update from all previous versions of MacFamilyTree requires valid registration key from previous versions. For customers who purchased MacFamilyTree 4 on, or after August 14th, 2007 the upgrade to MacFamilyTree 5 is free. Registration codes will automatically work with MacFamilyTree 5.

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