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[prMac.com] Austin, Texas - cribasoft today is pleased to announce HoursTracker HD - Timesheet 1.1.2, their iPad version of HoursTracker, the most popular paid iPhone app for recording hours worked. Users can keep track of time spent working at one or more jobs as an hourly employee, or hours billed to one or more clients as an independent contractor, consultant, or professional (attorney, accountant, etc.). The app can run start/stop timers, and also manually add time for any number of jobs. Calculating hours and earnings, the app can generate, display, and export reports by day, by week, by month, or by job. These are essentially custom reports. The paid versions also offer reporting on the time by "pay period." This allows the user to set up the pay period for the job (weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, monthly), and then the app will calculate time worked and earnings according to those pay periods. The paid versions will also calculate a rough net earnings using a configurable tax percentage to deduct from the earnings.

On launch in either portrait or landscape mode HoursTracker HD displays a list of jobs entered, a clock timer stop/start control, and a tab that allows full page display of one of three choices: Entries for This Job, All Entries by Date, or All Entries by Pay Period. One-time entry of Job data includes: Name of Job, Hourly Rate, Round Time To (selectable 1-30 minutes; None, Down, Nearest, Up), Daily Overtime (selectable Overtime 1 or 2; Rate None, 1.5 X, or 2 X; and Overtime Applies After Y Hours), Weekly Overtime (same as Daily), and Pay Period (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Semi-Monthly, Monthly; Day of Week or Date of Pay; Set Tax Percentage (estimated deduction from gross pay)). Jobs can be modified, or copied to form the basis for another similar job.

The large green button Clock In Now starts the digital timer, which can be stopped by touching it again, having changed to a red button reading Clock Out Now. The large green/red button makes it easy to interrupt work for a phone call, and then return, just by tapping the same button again. When displayed using the Entries for This Job tab, the timer creates a list of time(s) worked, including Day & Date, Start & Stop Time, Number of Hours (accurate to two decimal places), and Earnings. Any entry may be edited, annotated, or have minutes on break specified and deducted from total work time.

A second Start Clock Atů button allows the timer to be started as of a specific date and time in the past or future. The button then changes to a Stop Clock Atů button for clocking out. These options combined allow for tracking time quickly and easily, even if the user forgets to tap the button at the exact time they begin or finish their work. In addition to adding time using the Clock In/Out function, time can be added manually by tapping Add Time Worked in the Entries for This Job display. A worksheet appears enabling the user to quickly select start and end date, and times for the time worked, as well as set the hourly rate for that time, quickly deduct any break time, and annotate the time entry as needed.

In addition to generating and displaying custom reports, data can be exported from the app as formatted text, or in CSV format (for importing into Excel or another system, such as an invoicing/accounting system like Peachtree). The paid versions are more flexible in their export capabilities, adding the ability to export by date range, by job, and various grouping abilities (roll up time entries by day so there is only a total for each day instead of the punch in/out times, exclude comments, etc.).

Feature Highlights:
* The top iPhone time tracker app for people who work by the hour is now available for iPad
* HoursTracker HD 1.1.2 for iPad makes it easy to record, report, and analyze hourly income
* Enter Job data once, then just clock in and out
* Track hours on multiple jobs or for multiple clients
* Generate and display hours and earnings by day, week, month, or job
* Export all data in CSV format or text
* User-friendly, one-button start/stop clock makes it easy to stop work and go back
* Easily add punch in/out entries on any date, at any time, past or future
* Two paid versions: iPad and iPhone/iPod touch
* Two free lite versions: iPad and iPhone/iPod touch

"We are very proud to introduce HoursTracker HD 1.1.2, which has been specifically re-designed for iPad," commented developer Carlos Ribas. "The iPhone version of the app is the most popular paid app of its kind, and has been in the Top Ten of all Business Apps on the US App Store."

HoursTracker HD Device Requirements:
* iPad compatible
* iOS 4.2 or later
* 1.7 MB

HoursTracker Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch
* iOS 3.0 or later (iOS 4 tested)
* 1.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
HoursTracker HD 1.1.2 for iPad is $4.99 (USD), and HoursTracker 2.1.1 for iPhone and iPod touch is $2.99. Both are available worldwide through the App Store in the Business category. A Lite version of each, ad-supported, is available free. Review copies are available upon request.

Based in Austin, Texas, cribasoft develops mobile applications to help customers realize the full potential of their smartphone or other mobile device. Owner Carlos Ribas is currently focused on the iOS platform, with plans to expand in the next 1-2 years. Copyright (C) 2011 Carlos Ribas. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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