Semonto: Server Monitoring Tool - Web-Based Server Monitoring Service

February 28, 2011 in Technology (E)

[] Ghent, Belguim - CodingMammoth today is pleased to announce Semonto, their web-based server monitoring service that immediately notifies the user should any of their servers go off-line or display anomalous behavior. Notifications may be received via email, SMS, Twitter, Apple push notifications, etc. In addition, by registering for a Semonto account users may access free iOS and OS X apps to check their server's current status, review their server's statistics (ping minimum, maximum, and average), view test results (connectivity, load, memory usage, MySQL-checks, disk usage, etc.), and perform advanced diagnostics. Semonto also provides free reports including tables and graphs to display server performance over time. Configured as Software as a Service (SAAS), the Semonto monitoring system requires neither any software be installed on the user's server, nor any programs be running in the background that could affect server operation.

Semonto has multiple test servers at various locations around the globe. Users can choose which test server is assigned to check their host. It is possible to select a different test server for every host, allowing webmasters to test the connectivity to their host from several countries. The company offers more than 15 default tests that provide all the basic measures of host server performance. For those requiring additional data, users may create their own custom tests written in PHP, or download optional tests from the company's website.

Semonto can email or text message the user the exact warning or error message when a check fails. Audible iPhone or Mac alerts may also be configured. Semonto provides three different kinds of reports. First, is a real-time report giving the current status of the user's host. Second, is a historical report giving the details of all tests performed over a specified time and a general overview of the test results. Third, is a log report available for each server that contains every alert message ever sent, together with detailed information. Users can access specific values on a per year, month, day, or even per hour basis. All data may also be viewed in graph form to easily spot problems or trends over time.

Feature Highlights:
* Receive an immediate alert message whenever a server goes off-line
* Receive a message whenever a server displays unusual test results
* Create Custom Status URLs to view the status of any number of selected servers
* Receive Apple push notifications from Semonto
* Receive email, Twitter, SMS etc. messages from Semonto
* Three kinds of reports provide a complete overview of any server over any period
* Free Semonto applications for iOS and Mac OS X allow the user immediate access to all test data
* Semonto test servers are located around the world to test international connectivity

"The Semonto web-based server monitoring service is an inexpensive, unobtrusive tool that any webmaster can use to keep tabs on the health of one or more servers, and catch any problems before they start to affect service and operation" commented company owner Jelle De Laender. "But if a server ever goes off-line, the Semonto service will immediately notify you, anytime, anywhere."

Pricing and Availability:
Plans start at 4 Euros per month, which includes up to 100 tests an hour, enough to keep three servers in check. A 30-day free trial is also available. Semonto offers four different service plans, all of which include email, SMS, and Twitter notifications, status reports, monthly reports, and iPhone/Mac connectivity.
* Lite: 4 Euros per month. Limits: max 100 tests per hour.
* Basic: 10 Euros per month. Limits: max 250 tests per hour.
* Pro: 18 Euros per month. Limits: max 500 tests per hour.
* Business: 30 Euros per month. Limits: max 1000 tests per hour.

Located in historic Ghent, Belguim, the CodingMammoth team is an independent software company founded by Jelle De Laender in May of 2008. With a sole focus on the Mac platform, CodingMammoth's aim is to develop unique Mac and iPhone products, as well as provide customized development solutions. Copyright (C) 2011 Jelle De Laender. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, and Mac OSX are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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