BarracudaDrive 3.9 announced for Mac PowerPC

June 26, 2008 in Networks and FTP (F)

[] Orange County, CA - David Burgess, Software Manager of Real Time Logic, announced the availability of BarracudaDrive 3.9 for Mac PowerPC. The Mac version includes a free license valid til August 2010.

BarracudaDrive now automatically configures the network for business and consumers. There is no need to know how to configure port mapping in the router or install a Dynamic DNS client as the server now automates this process. Users can choose between no-cost sub-domain names or their own registered domain name.

The new version includes a Content Management System (CMS) and an Electronic Bulletin Board (forum).

The CMS makes creating web pages as easy as creating a document in Microsoft Word. The integrated editor allows content to be directly edited or pasted in from other editors such as Microsoft Word. The CMS is also compatible with external blog editors such as Microsoft Live Writer. Since the CMS is so easy to use practically anyone can be their own webmaster. BarracudaDrive together with the Microsoft Live Writer makes it very easy to insert photos and videos, maps, and lots of other content, all in a snap.

The included forum is designed using cutting edge web-technology and looks and behaves more like a traditional Windows application than a web application. After the initial load, the bulletin board is extremely fast since the bulletin board is using AJAX technology when communicating with the server.

In addition to the CMS and forum, BarracudaDrive includes the following:

* A WebDAV server that makes it possible to map a remote BarracudaDrive server as a standard Windows drive. Use your company/home computer as a secure centralized Internet file server.

* A Web File Manager that lets users manage their files using a browser, view photos, and stream music using the integrated MP3 player.

* A HTTPS tunnel server, which provides secure access to back-end servers and resources such as E-mail servers.

* Various HTTPS tunnel clients such as the SSL VPN alternative: GetMyLAN.

For Web designers and developers:
Developers can customize and write their own applications by using the integrated scripting language Lua Server Pages, which is based on the super fast scripting language Lua. The server includes its own integrated database engine, thus making it possible to create configuration less database powered applications such as the CMS. The server also includes Bindows, a "zero-footprint" Rich Internet WEB 2.0 Application framework. Database and AJAX powered WEB 2.0 applications such as the included forum can easily be developed using the BarracudaDrive Web Server.

The integrated scripting language Lua Server Pages (LSP) is similar to how ASP and PHP works. BarracudaDrive LSP applications are deployed as standard ZIP files. The ZIP files, which are in the "applications" sub directory are loaded and mounted as read only file systems by the web server. The server can also load "non deployed" applications. The "non deployed" Lua Server Pages (LSP) are compiled on demand just like PHP and ASP pages are compiled.

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