Slife Labs Releases Slife 2.0, Time Tracking For Individuals And Teams

June 23, 2008 in Project Tracking (E)

[] Atlanta, GA - Slife Labs today introduced Slife 2.0, the next generation automatic time and activity management solution for the Mac OS X. Designed for individuals and teams who need to keep track of time, Slife frees users from having to manually fill out time sheets and manage their productivity. Slife Teams, a companion web service to Slife 2.0 extends the benefits of the Slife 2.0 client to teams and businesses.

Completely redesigned and based on Apple's newest technologies, Slife 2.0 includes a simpler, cleaner user interface, 6 visualizations for activity analytics, advanced privacy controls, activity groups and productivity management through goals and notifications. All of these features complement Slife's unique activity tracking technology, which observes user's computers activities completely automatically and displays them in a set of rich and interactive visualizations.

"Slife 2.0 brings the idea of activity and productivity management to a whole new level", said Edison Thomaz, CEO of Slife Labs. "It is an automatic time tracking tool that makes it incredibly easy for designers, consultants or anyone else to monitor how much time they've spent on projects. Once you use Slife, you can't go back to time sheets. Slife is time tracking for the 21st century".

One of the key new features of Slife 2.0 is its ability to help users set time goals for activities. It pioneers a new way to help users deal with the problem of information and distraction overload. Visual notifications and a new specialized visualization allow users to track progress towards personal productivity goals, such as spending only a limited amount of time per day visiting non-work-related web sites.

According to Edison Thomaz, "Slife is the first application that assists users in managing their computer productivity in real-time. With Slife, you can see how you are doing towards reaching your goals throughout the day, and become instantly aware of when you reach or miss them. In light of the barrage of office and Internet distractions we face everyday, Slife is an indispensable tool to anyone who wants to stay focused and get work done."

In order to extend the benefits of Slife to teams and businesses, Slife Labs also unveiled Slife Teams today. Slife Teams is an automatic time tracking and activity aggregation web service. With Slife Teams, a group of Slife users can stream their activities in real-time to a centralized subscription-based web application, greatly facilitating the task of group time tracking. Slife Teams takes a 'no-additional-work-required' approach to group collaboration, offering a quick and easy way to keep team members aware of each other's activities.

System Requirements:
Slife 2.0 requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Tiger) or later and at least 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended). Slife Teams requires any modern web browser.

Pricing and Availability:
Slife 2.0 for the Mac OS X can be downloaded for free starting today. Slife Teams is currently a free, invite-only web service. Companies and teams interested in the product should contact Slife Labs and request an invitation. Slife Teams will become widely available as a subscription-based service in the Fall 2008.

Slife Labs is a privately-held company in Atlanta, GA building activity intelligence and analytics software for individuals and teams. Our two products, Slife and Slife Teams revolutionize the way people and organizations keep track of computer activities, manage productivity and collaborate around projects and tasks.


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