Squid Kid Reinvents Platform and Retro Games on the iPhone

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[prMac.com] Swindon, United Kingdom - iEvilGames will be releasing Squid Kid for iOS March 10th, 2011. Using the best features the iPhone and iPod touch has to offer, SquidKid's touch control system is simple to learn while the levels have hidden depths, giving users days worth of fun game play!

Squid Kid adds a twist to the normal run and jump platform games, as you swing and fling yourself in any direction. If you're stuck on a level there may be a simple short cut or a small gap you can squeeze through.

The Squid Kid app combines 2D & 3D objects to create stunning colorful graphics and animation that fit perfectly with the game play and retro feel. When you play Squid Kid you'll will find yourself swinging through levels with such grace you'll make Spider Man jealous!

For those of you who love platform & retro games Squid Kid is for you, combining the best platform games have to offer with the unique touch controls of the iPhone and iPod touch with not a D-pad in sight!

Our sopping wet super hero can move in any direction and freely swing around levels. Spend hours swinging and catching baddies, with 20 innovative levels our young squid super hero gives you plenty of bang for your buck!

Hunting down evil fishy crime lords who have formed a league of evil in an attempt to take over the ocean, our slimy sea based warrior is the only thing that stands between them and total victory over all sea life!

Squid Kid has the ability to swing gracefully across great distances, use your initiative and plan your swings to avoid danger and throw bombs. Super Mario is not the only one to use pipes though the ones Squiddy uses shrink him down to fit through small gaps and avoid the baddies!

All this against the clock! Each world has it's own super villain that you must hunt down and capture. With 4 worlds and 25 levels total Squid Kid has his work cut out!

Remember Squid Kid will be on the app store March 10th and that won't be the end of Squid Kid, with plans to create even more innovative, action packed twists to inject into the Squid Kid aquatic universe and we have yet to reveal the greatest villain of them all!

United Kingdom based iEvilGames is an indie studio and creator of iPhone apps and interactive content. The launch of Squid Kid marks their first platform game on the app store. Copyright (C) 2011 iEvilGames. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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