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[] Swindon, United Kingdom - Batman watches over Gotham, Spiderman has New York covered, but who is around to look after the small fry? The Little Fish? The crustaceans in the sea? No one it seemed, and because of that the ocean is an even more dangerous place. No one could stand up to this menace, but one Squid can make a difference.

Squid Kid is here! A new kind of platform game that lets you swing under and over obstacles, swim at great speeds all whilst avoiding every threat the sea can muster. With 20 innovative levels you can spend hours swinging and catching bad guys!

Our sopping wet superhero has the ability to swing gracefully across great distances, using his super strong squiddy tentacles to avoid danger, throw bombs and catch the baddies! Use pipes that shrink you down to fit through small gaps and avoid the baddies! All against the clock! 4 arch villains stand in his way;

Clam Man:
Beneath his tough exterior is pure evil! His minions include Ninja Starfish who like to bully and push innocent crustaceans around.

Limpet Man:
With a gang of nasty stonefish Limpet man raids the reefs, steal from the rich and steals from the poor!

Kung Fu Haddock:
Rising up the ranks of the criminal underseaworld, Kung Fu Haddock controls the west side of the coral reef and has several Puffa fish under his control.

Calamity Crab:
As everyone knows, the crab is the most dangerous creature on this planet and Calamity Crab is the toughest of them all! With an army of Fire Eels in his gang Calamity Crab controls the waves, not a grain of sand moves in the sea without him knowing.

Example Features:
* 20 levels
* 4 worlds
* Death defying acrobatics
* 4 Boss Battles

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod running IOS 3.1 or greater

iEvilGames is an indie developer and publisher of innovative interactive content. Creating content for television and the web Squid Kid is their first game and was born out of their love for Nintendo games such as Mario and Mega Man. Copyright (C) 2011 iEvilGames. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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